Celazome ~ Daily Antioxidant Moisture Supplement


Safe for all skin types, this product is particularly effective on combination and normal skin.

Combat premature aging caused by time and the environment. This unique blend of antioxidants reverses the destructive effects of free radicals, stimulating regeneration and cellular growth. Clear, supple skin will emerge, while irritations, fine lines, and wrinkles vanish.

avail @ Celazome for a special price of $48.00 regularly $54.00 so hurry before you miss it!

cakedoo1 says.. We were graciously given the opportunity to be able to try out the Celazome line and this was specifically chosen for me, so when it arrived of course I felt special.. It was like getting a personal prescription for great skin.. Sign me up! Oops, I am already signed up.. First off I was impressed with the 1.7 oz container, it’s so often that anti-aging skincare products are usually sold with a max amount of 1 oz so, to receive almost 2oz that is impressive and still with a price tag that doesn’t make me run for cover, very affordable..

So moving on, I have been using for a couple of weeks and have some great findings to share, this has to be one of the lightest moisturizing products I have used – it’s summer here and the weather is hot! – so less is more for my skin but I don’t want to skimp and Celazome doesn’t make me have to.. This is packed with lots of great ingredients like… retinol & so many oils – orange, grapefruit, rosemary, lemon and others – I might as well put on my salad too.. I would never, it’s far to good for a salad my face needs it.. It also carries a very faint scent, I can be sensitive to fragrance but I am not at all to this one so if you are, rest assure that a sensitive chick like me can handle it. It smells a little citrusy.. Yummy! I apply this over my serum in the am.. I use 2 full pumps and this covers my entire face and allows me to stretch to the neck, I can’t go far but at least under my chin. It absorbs right into my skin, the way a sponge sucks up moisture.. it’s fast and no down time so I can pretty much apply then go right to my spf.. The benefits since using is a great smooth complexion. My skin looks healthy and feels healthy, Celazome has infused life into my face and gives me a nice lightly flush glow. My skin is hydrated with no signs of dry flakes.. It’s been a really joy using the Daily Antioxidant Moisture Supplement this is a keeper and will be used till it pumps no more! It really packs a punch and leaves me wanting to come back for MORE!


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