Cleanlogic ~ Stretch Bath & Shower Cloth


Cleanlogic’s Stretch Bath & Shower Cloth  $4.99 Available @ Cleanlogic

Makeup Addict did notice that Cleanlogic’s Stretch Bath & Shower Cloth has a different feel and texture from my usual wash cloths.  I thought the feel would really help with exfoliating and I was right.  It is not soft and gentle but, at the same time, it is not rough or grainy.  It stretches so easily and makes back cleaning a breeze!!  I love that it cleans and exfoliates my back and leaves it feeling like it just had a massage.  It really does wake up the skin and you will have nice, new, fresh skin when you are finished.  It works wonderfully on my shoulders and I can actually feel them relax as I scrib them up.  I have used scrubbing brushes and loofahs for my shoulders and back but Cleanlogic’s Stretch Bath & Shower Cloth works so much better and is more effective!!  I wasn’t sure about just rinsing and hanging to dry until I read that it is treated with a couple of newer technologies that are anti-bacterial and prevent mold, etc.  The price is more than reasonable and I do intend to grab several more of these powerful little gems.  I use my own shower gel with it and I feel so refreshed when I am done!!  My skin is definitely more healthy-looking and is feeling better.  Yes, it exfoliates and helps clean — but it also gives a massage-type feeling to the skin.  I find it much easier and handier than a back brush or loofah.  I have used mine several times and I can tell I have quite a few more times to go.


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