Bubalina Beauty ~ Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion

Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion is rich with powerful ingredients like Organic Aloe and Passion Flower Extract which are light and softening.  Vanilla Bean and Passion Flower extract help to moisturize and protect leaving the skin hydrated and soft.  $22 at Bubalina

METSV says:  Without a doubt, Vanilla is my most favorite note in any fragrance, lotion, or gel.  I can’t get enough of it.  Bubalina’s Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion is a vanilla scent lover’s dream.    Man, does this smell yummy – like vanilla cake mix or frosting…but with a sexy undertone to it that makes it sweet and soft….I could just inhale this fragrance all day.  It doesn’t smell synthetic-y or fake…just like pure vanilla bean.  I love how it softens my skin – I use this on my arms and legs and not only do I love how it smells, but my skin feels ultra hydrated.  I am soooo gonna have to get the shower gel now.  I love layering and I would most definetely want to layer the Tahitian Vanilla.  I am already eyeing other scents over at Bubalina – there’s a couple that I find are calling my name.  If you want Vanilla Body Lotion that is the real deal – give Bubalina a try.  You’ll love this….



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