Tasty Brand ~ Organic Sport Fruit Snacks

The hottest new natural snack category
Sport Fruit flavors:  lemon, cherry, strawberry, mixed berry, orange & grapefruit.
Electrolytes for optimal hydration
NO high-fructose corn syrup, artifical colors or flavors
Guilt-free snack for kids ages 2 to 102
Great item for kids’ lunch-boxes or a portable treat for mom’s purse!

Learn more at Tastybaby.com

METSV says:    Yummy!  That’s how I’d describe these fruit snacks from Tasty Brand… these taste kind of like Sour Patch Kids but without the guilt.  They completely hit the spot when I’m craving something sweet.  I tear into one of these packets and my sugar fix is complete.  Well, sort of anyway.  I’d have no problem tearing into another packet, but I refrain. There’s only 70 calories in these, they have electrolytes in them to keep me hydrated, and they’re organic.  What more can I ask for?  You gotta love the whole line of Tasty Brand foods and the philosophy behind them.  I wish they were around when my daughter was a baby – I could have given her snacks from Tasty Brand and not feel like I was putting anything bad into her little system.   No matter…she’s eating their products now at 17 as attested by the fact that I went to get a packet of fruit snacks to munch before the gym and what greeted me was just one packet left in the box. “Those were just yours?”  she asked me.  When I responded “yes” she told me I don’t share very well!  Ha!  Love these.


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