Zensation ~ Bio-Regenerating Serum with Liposomes and Matrixyl


$150 at zensationbeaute.com

Zensation skincare of Switzerland is essentially based on natural Swiss Alpine plant extracts, fruit extracts, bio technology complex and neurostimulating molecules that help prevent skin damage from both internal and external factors.  Being Swiss made means that they are fully developed, manufactured and conditioned in Switzerland.    Moreover, all Zensation products are free of alcohol, colorant, synthetic fragrance, animal ingredients, mineral oils, and paraben derivatives. 

METSV says:   Let’s not beat around the bush here….I’ll just come right out and say that I am truly, madly, and deeply crazy about Zensation Bio-Regenerating Serum.   It is just that good.  Light, non-sticky, sinks in like a dream…and the results….I am so happy with what I’m seeing in the mirror – more even toned, firmer, brighter, softer looking skin.   Less apparent lines, less noticible blotchiness…I couldn’t ask for anything more.  The scent is barely detectable, with just a subtle hint of rose.The packaging is elegant and girlie…a gorgeous frosted bottle with flowers…I love looking at it on my bathroom vanity.   I have had nothing but positive results with this serum – not one bit of allergic or averse reaction – it is excellent for sensitive skin.    The creative minds of Zensation have truly created a sensation in this serum.  This is one of the few products tha I’d say I don’t care what the price is to…I’d buy again in a heartbeat.   Excellent line of skincare that is destined to be as bit a hit in the states as it is in Switzerland.   Love.



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