Green & Spring ~ Relaxing Hand Wash

Green & Spring Relaxing Hand Wash $24.00 at Barneys New York or from Green & Spring direct for £14.00

Inspired by aromatic kitchen herbs, the Relaxing range of bath and body products blends the soothing fragrance of lavender with the nurturing and restorative properties of comfrey and rosemary. A gentle hand wash with thyme to help tone and refresh and additional vitamin E to restore and rejuvenate. No artificial colors or fragrances Paraben-free Not tested on animals Handmade in British Isles 300ml / 10.1 fl oz.

cakedoo1 says, First off look at the bottle, it’s bloody lovely, so calming and tranquil to look at . I am proud to place next to my sink. The goodness is all stored within the generously sized pump bottle. It’s a lovely blend of lavender and I smell what is like a light licorice.. It is totally calming. The formula is light, the soap is slippery and easy to work with, it works up into a gentle lather and quickly rinsed away leaving my hands – #1 clean, #2 soft and #3 smooth and not dried out in the least. To me those are the 3 most important aspects of a hand wash. I want the dirt and grime from gardening washed away or just a quick wash before cooking.. Then I also want my hands to be soft, its important that my hands don’t suffer from all of the washing I do during the day, I don’t want my hand to be rough and raw from washing.. The smooth factor is also very important, sometimes when washing the detergents in hand wash can be overbearing and drying, I want my hands to be moisturized and smooth if its the first wash of the day or the last…

Green & Spring delivers a very gentle hand wash that does a great job of cleaning, leaving no dirt behind, performs really well in the gentle department, I think this wash is gentle enough to use on the littlest hand washers and always leaves behind hands that are hydrated and soft.. The best part is the scent, it’s so natural and freshly scented that you will want to try all if their scent, I am saying this because I do!! 🙂



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