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Hand and Body Lotion has Organic Aloe  as its primary ingredient. It also has an aroma that has endured for centuries and will never go out of style.The lotion contains antioxidants, Vitamin E, and is perfect as a moisturizer after showering or bathing. With ingredients that nourish and hydrate, its best when used following Bubalina’s bath & shower gel.

avail @ Bubaline Natural Organics for $22.00

Agelesspat says…Bubalina Natural Organics is a new company for me to try out. I was given a  small sample size of their Hand & Body Lotion, Citron Rose scent.  The minute I took off the lid I detected a simply wonderful light aroma of roses.  The lotion itself is light but it does contain a bit of substantial texture. The color is white and appears a bit whipped.  As the name of this company states, all of the ingredients used to create this product are pure, natural and organic.  In less than a week I noticed that the skin on my hands looked incredibly amazing. Prior to trying out this lotion I have tried so many different kinds of lotions. Some were better than others but none of those products can be compared to this simply wonderful hand & body lotion. My hands looked pretty pathetic; I had creases and dried up skin. Now you can hardly notice those creases at all.  My hands are soft and smooth now.  This cream is also intended to use on your entire body. I started using it the same time that I started using on my hands. Again in just a few days I noticed my skin was so much silkier and soft particularly my legs which had been so dry and arid. I love the rose and citron aroma. It was very light but at the same time very distinguishable. Another added feature to this product is that you only need a very small amount to go a long way. I am without doubt  going to try additional scents of this hand and body lotion.

cakedoo1 says, I too got a sample from Bubalina’s Hand & Body Creme in Coco Lime Verbena, I couldn’t have picked out a more fresh scent. It’s a perfect combination of Coconut that warm tropical scent blended with the crisp Lime Verbena that brings a fresh clean note to the creme. It’s a nice light so it is perfect for my hands and body.. I find that many hand lotions can’t be used on my body they are too heavy. This creme works right into my skin and keeps is moisturized.. I really love the scent, its robust at first then settles down to a light scent on my skin.. I will open up the container and just sniff it I like it so much! Since I got a sample I have only used on my hands there wasn’t enough for a body coat so this way I have been able to use on my hands for days.. I think this is great for the hands, it keeps my moist without being greasy or oily. My cuticles thanks Bubalina too they are softer and not to ragged looking. I really enjoyed using Bubalina, its a very nice light creme that does a great job of protecting my hands and keeping them hydrated!


lilmissashley says…I tried this cream in the chocolat flavor & it was amazing. The product itself smelt EXACTLY like chocolate!! I only had a small sample size of this product, but I made sure to get the best use out of it. I applied mostly to my hands, but a bit to my legs as well. Like the ladies above me stated, the cream has a slight whipped consistency but isn’t too light.  It does a great job moisturizing your dry skin! I would have thought the cream would be brown in color, but it was off white. I can’t explain to you how realistic this scent was, my friend at home even commented on how yummy I smelt!! I also noticed that the scent lasted a while too; I would apply a bit in the morning and I could still detect  scent early afternoon. The scent itself is  a bit stronger than your typical chocolate scent, so it is definitely noticeable, but doesn’t have a gross scent undertone ( which i find oftentimes accompanies chocolate scents). Seriously, this is one of the most delicious scents I have ever tried. I went looking through their website ( it is an extremely cute line), and I noticed that they have other products in this scent, such as body wash. I am DEFINITELY going to look into other products, because this scent is just amazing. You really have to try it out!


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