MyFaceWorks ~ I need to tame (facial Mask)

Rose water has certain antiseptic and anti bacterial properties.
Can significantly reduce the damage to skin’s elastin fibers, and associated wrinkling, caused by UVB rays.
Will calm and refresh your skin, leaving you rejuvenated.
Concentrated ingredients are soaked in a non-woven fabric, the most widely-used mask cloth, with good firmness.

Available @ for $55

Agelesspat says… I really enjoyed using this product- the Facial Masks are magnificent! I was totally surprised when I noticed that these masks were actually made from paper. I have never tried paper facial masks before so I was eager to try them out. The box I was given contained 6 packets, 1 mask in each packaged individually.  The type I had was I need to Tame, however this company creates 12 different kinds. I ripped open my package and discovered a wet formed face paper mask. It was very soft but you could definitely feel it was soaked with a gooey substance wet material containing the important ingredients such as rose water, cucumber extract and aloe to name a few. As I applied it onto my face I noticed that this mask contained openings for your eyes, nose and mouth. It was fairly easy to apply, although I did have to play around with the mask for a bit so I could see properly. I simply padded onto my face. I left it on for about 20 minutes. As I was taking the mask off I immediately felt very invigorated. My face felt so soft like it had just been heavily moisturized and just as important I totally felt tranquil. I detected a simply beautiful very soft scent of rose aroma. I enjoyed experimenting with this mask out and plan on trying some of the other types this manufacture creates. One last great characteristic of these masks are—NO Messes like most masks make.  Just toss the paper mask away after completed! Also, they are only $55! I mean this may seem expensive to some, but when you think about it they are less than $10 each- so much less expensive than a facial. Go try these products out, they have different ones for each skin type.


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