Get Glow ~ Clarifying Shampoo

 If your hair acts greasy too quickly, Get Glow Clarifying Shampoo is what you need. This special formula is gentle. You can wash your hair often and have balance. It lifts residue from styling products, conditioning agents, mineral deposits and environmental pollutants. Your hair will feel clean, fresh and manageable. Safe for color treated hair.   $16 at Get Glow

Lemongrass is essential. It’s unique astringent and tonic properties remove build up.
Witch Hazel, the herb known for healing and its astringent properties, purifies.
Antioxidants including the flavonoid catechin found ingreen tea, protect and detoxify.
Silica, a form of trace mineral, brings shine to your tresses. Mineral or miracle?

METSV says:  So no, I don’t have greasy hair.  I have dry hair…dry, processed, and fine hair.   Hair my stylist says needs extra bodifying products to make it hold a style.   I use several.   From root lifters to gels to hairspray, my hair takes a beating….and all of these styling products cause my hair to do the exact opposite of what its supposed to do!  It’s like it goes on strike.   I think that’s what product buildup does to my doo…..But now I have a weapon against hair rebellion…Get Glow’s Clarifying Shampoo.  Once a week is all I need to get the groove back in the doo – it’s like it whisks away all the build-up and leaves me with shiny, bouncy, “virgin” hair again….all ready for me to abuse at will until the next time I clarify.   I’d say Get Glow is different from other clarifying shampoos in that it doesn’t feel stripped or squeaky – it just feels clean, detoxed, and renewed.   I’ve been very happy with the Get Glow hair care line and the Clarifying Shampoo is right up there with the other Get Glow products.  Great ingredients, great price, healthy hair.  What more could you ask for?  You just gotta get in on Get Glow. 


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