New Product Alert ~ Tinted Solerra Tanne Tan Line Corrector


Tinted Solerra Tanne Tan Line Corrector   $5.99 Enter ‘TANEE’ to save 10%  Available @ Solerra

The NEW Solérra® Tanee™ Tan Line Corrector ™, an affordable, multi-use, sunless tanner formula tube that fills in unsightly and embarrassing tan lines without the mess or fuss of lotions and creams.  The Tanee™ Tan Line Corrector’s ™ precise application easily covers pale or discolored spots and stripes with Solérra’s quality sunless tanning formula.  Applying the Solérra® Tanee™ Tan Line Corrector ™ is easy!  Simply pinch the thumb tab to break the inner seal.  Then, gently squeeze the tube to dispense the formula.  Apply to any tan line with the angled, sponge tip applicator.  Then, blend the edges and repeat after four hours, if desired, to increase the color of the tan.  Make sure the cap is on the product securely after use, so the Tanee™ formula does not  dry out or clog the sponge tip applicator.

Makeup Addict says is this Tinted Solerra Tanne Tan Line Corrector works like shown in these photos – WOW!!  At first I thought that any self tanner would do the same thing – but I am now thinking the sponge tip applicator might well be the necessary ingredient.  It seems like it would make it much easier to apply and distribute to only those areas you want to correct.  If I used my hands – I would, no doubt, go outside the lines I would be trying to fill in.  This does make it look like it should work and the price is amazing – even before the 10% discount.


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