Mai Couture~ Oil Blotting Papier-Lavender


REJUVENATE OIL BLOTTING PAPIER  avail @ Mai Couture for $24.00 (refills of 100 sheets are $16.00)

Re-Fresh and feel fresh with the sheer powder oil blotting paper infused with lavender oil. Remove excess oil without disturbing your makeup by firmly pressing paper throughout the face. The booklet style papers are convenient for a quick touchup and come with a stylish papier wallet for travel. Use daily as needed.

Lilmissashley says…Okay, so I really agree with Cakedoo1 and her review.  I tried out the papier in the lavender scent.   I loved everything about this product. The papier was slightly purple in color( hence, the lavender).  There was as a light lavender scent as well but I didn’t really see a transfer of the scent from the papier to my face.  What I really like about this product is that the oil blotting papier didn’t cause my face to become white and filmy ( which I have experienced with other oil blotting papiers). The product did its job quite well. Even when I didn’t think I had much oil on my face, these sheets picked up some on my face.  It didn’t mess up my cover up either, which was one of the best parts. I could just toss this product into my purse and touch up during the day without having to redo my “face”.  The thickness of the sheets were perfect too, thin enough so you could see the oil you removed but not too thin so you could accidentally rip the sheet ( this has happened to me many times before with oil blotting papier). I have to say that the sheets are also easy to remove from the package as well …. i have been using these for about 3 weeks and I haven’t ripped one while removing from the package yet. Honestly, $16 for 100 papiers is a good deal too.  I don’t have the wallet but from looking at it, it looks really really cute too & definitely a great value. Even if you don’t decide to purchase the wallet, the refills come in a cute little plastic packaging which I am using to carry around. Like Cakedoo1 said, this product is perfect for the sweaty days of summer. I also would like to try the bronze and the blush papiers from this line ( see previous reviews).


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