Aromachology ~ Custom Blended Blended Fine Fragrances

Aromachology gives you the opportunity to create a product that helps convey your identity proudly and aromatically.
Aromachology believes in expression; personal, creative and self. As life is about creating and connecting, Aromachology is determined to find a way to deliver a product that makes people feel good from the inside out. The product is meant to encourage people to connect and celebrate themselves, and to craft a scent that is reflective of who they are and what they want to become. Aromachology was created to give consumers something to be proud of as they partake in the creative process of engineering their own scent. Our goal is to have each and every consumer proud of their unique creation, and proud of who and what their creation embodies.

So when you are ready to get started, you fill out the Aromachologies Scent Profiler.  Then founders Kirsten Menkes and Ashlee Firsten will custom blend a scent just for you! It’s that easy, it’s so much fun and easy to do, then you just sit back and wait for your package to arrive.. You won’t believe what a beautiful package comes within the brown shipping box.. Aromachology is all about detail and gives you an experience that is just for you.

cakedoo1 says… If you wear perfume, you are going to want to pay attention.. This is an amazing product line that puts you in the drivers seat and create a fragrance all of your own.. Designer fragrances are awesome but the odds of wearing one and being the only one is slim to nil, working with Aromachology ensures that you are the only one wearing the scent. You fill out a simple online scent profiler and from that a scent is created for you and shipped, its that easy, from just a few questions the scents you like are pulled together, blended and your scent is born.. I am different as everyone is and self expression wit my fragrance is empowering! I love when people ask what I am wearing and I can tell them, something that Aromachology whipped up for me..

I have been wearing scents for a long time and this is just FABULOUS.. I find that scents transport me to different times and places.. I know that my new scent will always bring me back to the summer of 2010… I can go on and on as I know you can tell. I love it that much.. I really think that Aromachology is a labor of love for Kirsten & Ashlee.. I can’t thanks Kirsten enough for this amazing opportunity to share in just how amazing the Aromachology line is..

My signature scent came in a gift bag all dolled up, housed in a lovely box along with a little card that describes what I meant to the parfumier, it’s that personal touch that is so appreciated, then the bottle has a silver charm on a ribbon with my intial so even though the bottle is etched with an A for Aromachology it’s still personalized with a subtle touch..

I really think this is the kind of gift you give to someone you love, perfect for a bride to be, Mom, friend, you name it.. I am thinking every single holiday is perfect too.

METSV adds:   Well Kirsten and Ashlee, I would have to say that your creative visions have resulted in some of the most gorgeous fragrances I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing  ….Oh.  The.  Fragrances… They are beautiful, unique, and unlike any you have put your nose and senses to…as soon as I’m done with my sampler of the five main “base personality” fragrances, I am filling out the online profile and having my very own siggy fragrance custom made for me that I know will be the perfect combo of my favorite notes from the five.  I have been experimenting with the fragrances for the past week, each day wearing either one or a combo of a couple (or several) and I stlll can’t decide what my favorite fragrance is.  It’s actually empowering to be wearing a fragrance that’s uniquely my own.  I was in the grocery store on Sunday and there was a woman in front of me and as I got close enough I could instantly identify what fragrance she was wearing.   I guarantee she could not say the same of me….I find myself inhaling my wrists all day.  I can’t help it.   If I had to choose my very favorites of the base personality fragrances, I’d say the Totally Edible Gourmand (which gives a certain well known Gourmand Perfumier a run for his money), and Fresh and Clean.  When I go to have my custom fragrance made,  the notes found in those two will most definitely be part of my signature fragrance.    They just make me feel so good!   Hard to explain, but they put me in a better mood!  The perfect gift for yourself, your BFF, a beautiful bride to be, you name it.  they’ll LOVE these fragrances…. Absolutely and highly recommend.


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