Get Glow Light Gentle Silky Conditioner


Get Glow Light Gentle Silky Conditioner $18.00 Available @ Get Glow

Delicate protection. Great light conditioning for any hair type from extra fine to chemically treated. Your hair will feel silky and tangle free. It tends to the delicate needs of your hair and won’t weigh it down. Your hair will feel more manageable, softer, healthier.


Makeup Addict says “I’m Baaaaccckk” — I told you I would be reviewing Get Glow Light Gentle Silky Conditioner so here I am.  I absolutely love their shampoo and this conditioner only amplifies all of the wonderful results I have been experiencing with the shampoo.  It even feels silky when you apply it to your hair. . . I do leave this in for a while as I realize my hair needs all the help it can get.  Upon rinsing this out — I find soft, smooth and silky hair (which I did not start with– I started with hay).  On top of that — my hair has some badly needed body and texture and it seems to respond when I am trying to style it.  It has much more elastisity to it –more give.  It does seem to keep the style I put in better than it has been.   I have been the victim of many conditioners that leave residue which weighs my hair down and also gives it a greasy look.   Get Glow Light Gentle Silky Conditioner does not weigh my hair down, but instead gives it a nice airy feel.   I cannot say enough about Get Glow Light Gentle Silky Conditioner – this has been a miracle-worker for me.  Imagine — if it can turn my straw into really silky, smooth hair with body — what it can do with yours.  Not many people neglect the extras for their hair like me.  Your results may exceed mine — but no matter what — I am absolutely thrilled to have this manageable hair once again and I promise not to treat it so badly again!!


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