Scientific Intensive Repair Serum by Kenneth Beer, MD


Scientific Intensive Repair Serum by Kenneth Beer, MD  $88.00  Avaiable @ Scientificskin

Intensive Repair Serum is designed to restore the skin’s natural moisture. Hyaluronic Acid Spheres carry moisture deep into the skin, helping to restore elasticity, while plumping wrinkles. Squalane regenerates and protects the skin from the earth’s harsh elements and forms a barrier to maintain moisture in the epidermal layer repairing the skin’s integrity.

  • Rebalances severely dry skin
  • Hydrates and nourishes while delivering protection against environmental aggressors
  • Plumps fine lines and wrinkles


Makeup Addict repaired some signs of aging and damage quite extensively with Scientific Intensive Repair Serum by Kenneth Beer, MD.  It fooled me the very first time I used it. . . it is a very liquid serum rather than a cream.  So be prepared and spread it around quickly — don’t let any go to waste.  It is like liquid gold to and for your skin.  I got used to the pump with the liquid serum FAST and discovered you do not have to pump more than once to get enough to do your face and neck.  If there is a fragrance to it — it is very, very faint.  I was not bothered by it in any way.   My skin loved having it applied and it did drink it up pretty quickly.  Again, it takes time before you start to see real results.  You do notice that your skin is hydrated immediately – but the repair took longer.  Hey, it is definitely worth the wait!!  My skin appears younger, fresher, amoother and definitely all lines are very much less noticeable.  When I figure that I will have this bottle for quite a long time — it is not that expensive.  I think Dr. Beer has hit upon something that really does repair damage and enhances the skin’s appearance all over.


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