Urth Skin Solutions for Men ~ Facial Scrub

This amazing scrub expels those nasty blackheads & impurities with mirofine rice granules & wheat germ. Herbal extracts & vitamins detoxify, revive & improve skin tone & texture. Some call this a miracle product. Use 2-3 times weekly.

avail @ Urth Skin Solutions 4oz for $36.00 or $23.00 for 2oz

jhaydock says… This stuff is great. Has a nice earthy scent & feel to it. The smell is something I expect of an all natural, organic product. It smells a bit like herbs and teas which sure enough are ingredients in this scrub. I try to use this every other day and it’s great for clearing away stuff on the surface  – dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and just about everything else – all the impurities of the day. This stuff is so good at cleaning away dirt and oil that I’m pretty sure they could use it in the Gulf Coast right now and everyone could call it a day. You know it’s a good exfoliator because I can feel the water sting a little bit when I rinse my face because I’ve rubbed away a layer of surface skin, well not really but I can be aggressive. No matter how much I scrub and exfoliate my face isn’t red or raw after use, I use in the evening so the next morning my skin looks clear and fresh.  It’s perfect accoutrement to my regimen – cleanser & moisturizer.  It’s a small container so it’s not like carting around a big mouthwash bottle when traveling which saves space for other things in the suitcase like…mouthwash. All in all, I highly recommend it as a great facial scrub that’s not filled with chemicals.


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