Le Vin Skin Care ~ Toning Cleanser

Toning Cleanser  $58.65

Key ingredients:
* Alcohol-free witch hazel distillate * Coleus forskohlii oil

Certified organic ingredients:
* Chamomile * Rose Hip Oil * Borage Oil * Flax Seed Oil* Arnica * Lavender * White Tea * Calendula * Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice * Olive Oil * Coconut Oil
avail @ Le Vin Skin Care

cakedoo1 says. You won’t believe this till you try it.. This is a super gentle and non drying facial cleanser. It’s a light sudsy foaming action when washing. It does a great job of removing all the dirt, oil and cosmetics from the day.. Please note: I do use an eye makeup removed to take off the mascara.. I use this alone in just my hands but also along with my clarsonic too. I love it that way. I get super clean skin but the added bonus of exfoliation too. The scent is lovely and mild too, not perfumy at all. It rinses away quickly and with no residue. Lovely cleanser. I got in a sample of this and had enough for a couple of days and really liked it, I used it all up and even added a little water to the vial to get all of it!


Makeup Addict is not really a wine drinker – yet, I want to get some of that Reservatrol that is in the news.  So I was more than happy to try  Le Vin Skin Care’s Toning Cleanser.  I do not have a Clarsonic so I used my hands.  It may be my imagination but I swear there is a faint scent of wine to the cleanser.  I used only a few drops and it did suds up a little.  I applied it all over my face and neck but paid special attention to my nose and those areas with the larger pores.  It seems so gentle and does not dry out my skin nor feel too strong (some cleansers let my skin know how tough they are).  This simply cleaned up the skin and wisked away all of the impurities along with some dead skin. . . leaving nothing but very clean, refreshed skin. My skin looks and feels clean, refreshed, smooth, and a bit firmer.  I use it in the morning and the evening and the results are noticeable to me.  I have less skin redness than before and my pores appear much smaller.  lMy skin feels hydrated when I am done and that is great.  Many cleansers, especially those that also tone, do clean, etc. but leave your skin very dry.  This does the job and truly enhances your skin/complexion.

Agelesspat says…At first, I misread the name so I thought that this was a toner instead of a toning cleanser, so when i applied it to my face… I thought to myself…boy this toner is sticky! haha Then, after rereading the name, i realized…that this was indeed a cleanser and not a toner. With this said, the cleanser was relatively light in comparison to some others i have tried in the past.  What I did was splash some water on my face and then dab a bit of the product from the sample tube onto my hands.  I was able to get a very good lather out of this product when I applied it to my face. Like CakeDoo1 said, the cleanser cleaned my face so so well; i was able to wash off my foundation with this product very easily. Immediately after application, I noticed that my skin felt sooo soft and moisturized, like never before. With a few applications, I was able to notice that my skin seemed to be firming up a bit as well. This cleanser didn’t make my face dried out and/or oily…my face just felt beautiful and moisturized.  I was so upset when I finished the vital and desperately want to use some more!

METSV says:   As a beauty junkie and somewhat of a skincare snob, I always look at the ingredients first and foremost when I’m not familiar with a line of products – such was the case with Le Vin.   To see ingredients that are actually known to heal and help skin I was very excited.  A couple of the ingredients, like Borage and Flax, I have never seen in a skincare cleanser and I thought to myself, “boy, this cleanser has gotta be good”. …and yes indeedy it is…REALLY good.   I immediately thought of wine, of course, and like Ellen said, when I gave a first sniff to the vial, I too got a small scent of wine in there.  But the way it feels so nice going on – not soapy, just a lovely soft lather that removes makeup and grime, doesn’t dry out my face, and just makes it feel clean and hydrated.  The fact that it saves you a step by doing double time as a toner only makes this product more of a must have.  It’s perfect for my normal to dry skin – no irritation, breakouts, redness…love it!


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