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Super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting; plus, it had to hold up to being in a back jeans pocket all day without melting! It took us several obsessed years to formulate Hurraw! Balm and put it through all the rigors. We love it, use it, and hope you do too!

Why Hurraw! is unique: We hand pour each and every tube of Hurraw! Balm; no filling trays in this hood!  We truly care about the quality and integrity of our product and feel Hurraw! is the finest all natural, vegan, raw balm on the market.  Sourcing honest, fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers was difficult at best.  We finally did it and we are thrilled to share the labors of our hard work with other balm lovin’ individuals.

Vegan: Hurraw! Balm is a Certified Vegan product!  ‘Vegan’ means no animal products (ie: beeswax) are included in our product (nor any animals used/harmed/tested on) in any stage of the manufacture of our product.  This includes all of our suppliers.

Raw: Basically, a raw food product is one that never reaches temperatures above 118F degrees in any stage of it’s production. Hurraw! Balm contains organic, raw, cold pressed and centrifuged extracted, nut/seed oils and butters that have been processed below 118F degrees and are still chocked full of their essential nutrients. We carefully handcraft each batch to insure our precious oils and butters do not reach high temperatures.

Your lips will be stoked! We realize it sounds rather complicated but one doesn’t have to adhere to any particular lifestyle or eating habits to use it because we believe that Hurraw! Balm is a great product to be used by everyone!

Organic: 97% of our ingredients are certified organic through our suppliers; this qualifies Hurraw! balm as an organic product. If you would like copies of our certificates, please contact us.

avail @ HURRAW!! for $3.79 each

cakedoo1 says.. First Impression!! HURRAY for HURRAW!! I love this balm! I have this in pink grapefruit, it’s kissed with a light juicy scent that also gives my lips a touch for color, my lips are dark so I get a tiny bit more color, a flushed look.. Its very soft on my lips and goes on super smooth.. It’s not like other balms, there is no waxiness and it doesn’t feel like it coats my lips, it feels like it absorbs into my lips.. I find myself putting on when I don’t even need it, I like it that much.. It’s great for nights and when the lips are extra dry like when working out.. I am serious, this is a lip MUST have! I have been raving about HURRAW! I don’t detect any taste so that is awesome and it is perfect under lip gloss or lip stick. I don’t get any slippage at all..

Gdeeb says….Vanilla bean lip balm is one of the best lip balms I have ever used. First of all, I love the fact that you can smell the vanilla scent without it taking over. Occasionally I will come across a scented balm that I cannot stand to wear. The minute you take the cap off, the smell is so overwhelming that I immediately throw it away. However, Hurraw! is the complete opposite. It has just enough to give it something extra, without feeling like you are constantly tasting it. The tube that it comes in is also appealing. It is different than the normal, and that’s what draws me in. Since the top surface area is wider than usual, it is easier to put on as well. My lips almost fit right in and after so many uses, it forms to your lips.  Unlike other lip balms that you have to either apply for several minutes before your lips are actually moist or reapply every 5 minutes, Hurraw! goes on easily and stays on for a long period of time. All in all, I really like this product and have already recommended it to several of my friends.

METSV says:   Well hello, Hurraw!    Probably one of the silikiest, smoothest, most fab lip balms ever to touch my lips.  No cakey-ness, greasiness, weird waxy feel…nada – just incredibly moist and healthy looking plumped up lips and the moistness lasts and lasts.  I take this with me where ever I go.  It’s in my pocket or pocketbook for the day and I actually hunt down my pocketbook at night so I can put it on before I go to bed.  I have this in cinnamon which smells exactly like the name – reminds me of Red Hots candy.  The tint is a soft soft red that’s just your lips but better.    I love its easy portability – slip it in the pocket of even your skinny jeans!  Love the wider applicator too.   Natural, vegan, organic, what more can I want….except a few more of these!   Great lipbalm – it’s a gotta get.

Jhaydock says… Interesting spin on lip balm for men or women with the variety of flavors. They’re faint enough so that you don’t feel like you’re biting into anything. Remember bubbilicious gum? You thought you were eating a strawberry patch? Yeah it’s nothing like that. Faint enough to taste it but not overpowering. The texture is something like chapstick but not so waxy. It’s   got enough oomph to it that you don’t have to reapply over and over again like you did with ChapStick. Even more interesting is the shape of the tube. It’s more of an oval than a circle top, so it tends to shape to your lips a bit better. That may or may not make a difference, but it is a differentiator for sure.  I tested it out in mint and found it to be quite pleasant!

Mr Travelers says.. I test drove this in Chocolate, it’s not really chocolatety.. It’s got a light scent of chocolate with a tiny taste of chocolate.. Just like Jeff mentioned it’s light and not like chapstick, it’s not waxy at all. I find that some lip balms I wear leave marks on glasses and this one doesn’t I don’t want to look like a girl leaving lipstick behind on the glass, I also can drink and not have to re-apply, it doesn’t wear away.. I also like that it doesn’t make my lips shiny, they look moisturized, so no cracks or dry spots. I used a few times a day and enjoy using, I am frequently buying balms because I leave them everywhere, great for working out, I hate dry lips, they make people look like crack heads, this is well worth the $3.79!!

Makeup Addict has the smoothest, silkiest lips in a Hurraw Root Beer scent.  I get the faintest scent of the Root Beer — it does not take over!  I have had other soda-flavored and soda-scented lip balms before and they do not compare at all to Hurraw!  Hurraw says they  took them time to develop this balm in a wonderful assortment of scents– well, that is because they did it right.  They specifically mention that they worked to make sure it did not melt in jeans pockets—-guess who tried that out!  They did it — it does not melt.  However, it does melt on your lips to a undetectible protective layer.  I am not really a Root Beer fan so, if this fragrance was overpowering I would notice it right away.  It will not interfere with any other fragrance you may be using.  They have a great selection of fragrances and no matter which one(s) you select you are getting top notch protection for your lips.


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