Healing Desert Skincare ~ Skin Gel


Available for $ 29.95 @ healingdesert.com

Lilmissashley says… I have only used a few skin gels in the past… and I really enjoyed using this one. It definitely had a cooling effect to it and helped my skin relax especially if my face was hott. It is a clear gel with no scent. At first I had to get used to the slight stickiness of this product, but that soon wore away. My face is dry sometimes because I use a lot of cleansers ( to help with my acne). I found that when I applied this product to my face, my face become instantly refreshed and moisturized. I just can’t wait to use more of this product- especially during the warm summer months.  I typically don’t wax my skin, but I could definitely see the positive effects that this gel could bring after receiving a wax.  I have also read that this product helps with burns too- another thing I truly believe it would be wonderful at.  My skin absorbs the gel quite nicely and it doesn’t cause my skin to break out either.  It is a relatively light gel too, so I don’t think it would clog your pores either. All and all, there are many uses for this product and I am looking forward to trying them all out! Check out my reviews on other products from this line too!


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