Healing Desert ~ Facial Scrub

Available for $12.95  @ healingdesert.com

lilmissashley says… I have been using this facial scrub for the past 3 weeks or so and have really begun to love it! The product itself has little beads in it that really go into your pores and clean your face out. The scrub itself is white but quickly turns clear when you apply it to your face. What I did was splash my face with some water and then I applied approximately a dime sized amount of the scrub onto my face. It didn’t lather as much as some other facial washes I’ve tried, but does a great job nonetheless. I could actually feel the scrub clean my skin. After I scrubbed in the scrub for about 30 seconds, I rinsed it off with some more water and dries my face with a face cloth. Afterwards, my face felt soooooo soft, clean and refreshed. My skin actually looked a lot healthier too. The product does not have a scent either. I can’t wait to try out other products from this line! Also, this company has a free testing option… you can try their products at no cost! Check out their website for more information.


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