Giovanni Organics ~ Colorflage Shampoo / Remarkably Red

Giovanni Shampoo – Red (8.5 oz.) $8.99 at Target

  • Ideal for Damp Hair, Vibrant Shine for Dull or Lifeless hair, Damaged or Weak Hair, Protecting Hair from Damaging Chemicals, Smoothes frizzy or dry hair, All Hair Types, Taming Frizzies, Adding Shine and Defining Locks, Everyday Use, Replenishing and Reconstructing All Hair Types, Delicate or Processed Hair, Curly or Straight Hair, Color Treated or Highlighted Hair, Encouraging Healthy Growth

cakedoo1 says.. I have dark auburn hair courtesy of a stylist! HA! So anyone who has every experimented with red colors you know that red fades like no other color and along with the fading reveals usually dry hair – my nightmare! I blow dry and straighten on a daily basis along with monthly coloring my doo needs all the help it can get.. So I am elated to be able to use an organic haircare line since blow drying and straightening isn’t organic! It’s so nice of give my hair a natural product to cleanse with.. This is a lush creamy cotton candy colored shampoo. It’s so moisturizing and gentle on my hair, the detergent within is so easy on my hair.. I don’t see that I am getting any fading but a lovely brightness that is full of body and bounce! The scent is a light floral that is so light once I rinse that I am not carrying around any perfumy scents throughout the day.. I am also using in conjunction with the Colorflage Conditioner.. I really think this shampoo pulls out all kinds so shine and vibrancy! I will pick this up again and again one of the best things about the Colorflage line is the price, it’s $8.99! I can’t believe it, this is exactly the kind of shampoo that is a hit in my book – creamy, hydrating and no build up! it’s a Giovanni love affair for me!



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