M Lab ~ Anti-Aging Treatment Cream

M Lab Anti Aging Treatment Cream $175.00 by M Lab

Formulated with 68% active ingredients From a lab that’s been formulating cosmeceutical products for 25 years and has access to the finest ingredients out there comes this prestigious brand’s premiere product: an age-slaying super-cream. It’s formulated with 68% clinically active ingredients, including a matrix of peptides, antioxidants and hydration factors that leave skin firm, soft, springy and virtually free of fine lines and wrinkles. We’d need a novel to list all the youth-inducing extracts, enzymes, and the like this concoction contains, but suffice it to say that a potion hasn’t been this buzzed about since a certain Crème… Clinical studies show Dermatologic-tested to assure this product is allergy-free and irritation-free.

  • 91% reported an overall improvement in their skin
  • 71% reported an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 93% reported an improvement in dryness
  • 88% noticed an improvement in the texture of their skin
  • 76% noticed an improvement in skin clarity/dullness
  • 86% noticed an improvement in roughness/flakiness


    cakedoo1 says.. I have been using daily for over 2 weeks and I am starting to notice the improvements in my skin. I am using in conjunction with the M Lab Eye Cream. the duo are deadly amazing! I am telling you that these are amazing – from what the girls on the panel have shared with me M Lab is a all around winner.. The cream is light but emollient and full of aging skin goodness – as mentioned 68% active ingredients so that means the my skin is reaping the benefits of all of those actives.. I am telling you that this is the kind of cream that makes you want to apply, slather and repeat.. I apply in the am and I am ready to go for the day. My skin is hydrated all day without a sign of a dry patch or flake. I also want to mention that its gentle on my skin too, I haven’t experienced any redness so it’s clearly not to strong for me.. I feel like I am getting a new tightness about the jawline. I also can see that the teeny lines around my eyes look visibly smooth and less noticeably. The biggest asset is the complements, what have you done? You look bright and cheer.. I love the M Lab line and believe that with continued use I will see more improvement. I forgot to mention that I have a great even tone too! I think this is worth every penny, its that amazing! M Lab’s packaging is cool and chic and full of active ingredients so it’s not just pretty packaging – it’s ingredients that pack a punch.. I am elated with the M Lab line, I can’t get enough.. This is a Mother’s Day gift dream!


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