Rene Furterer ~ Fioravanti Shine Enhancing Detangling Cream Rinse

Rene Furterer Fioravanti Shine Enhancing Detangling Cream Rinse $28.00 by Rene Furterer at

Extreme shine | All hair types The extract of Fioravanti was used as an ancient preparation to add shine to the hair. It was combined with an acid derived from the fruit of Acerola, a small Chilean cherry that is very rich in vitamin C. Every product in the Fioravanti line contains this vegetal extract, which embodies the power of nature to add shine and luster to your hair. This Shine Enhancing Detangling cream rinse was designed for use on lifeless and brittle hair. It helps to detangle even the most difficult hair. Enriched with Karite, its lightweight and oil-free texture nourishes and softens your hair. Instantaneously detangling, it helps to give elasticity and shine to your hair. Made in France

cakedoo1 says.. I am all about the shine. I love the spun silky shiny hair, I don’t naturally have that but can achieve with styling product and lots of work. I love seeing the sun bounce off the hair and play in the light. It’s so pretty and healthy looking. I know all the processes I put my hair through aren’t healthy so when given the opportunity to take Fioravant cream rinse for a run, I jumped at it.. Can I achieve that look without all of the fuss.. My experience is the the rinse has a lightly floral scent that throws the lightest cast over my hair.. It dissipates over the day. My hair is straight and shoulder length and I found this creme rinse to be light and not coat my hair but to absorb in, I wish it was a little heavier but it rinses away smoothly so my concern of a knotty doo were thwarted.. I found that I could comb through after towel drying.  When drying I can notice the shine, this does enhance my natural mild shine, it’s not like glass and totally reflective but there is a lot more than I am used to naturally – its that soft, healthy natural shine that kids have pure and true . I think for me the best part of using allow me to give my hair a break from all the products and styling and allow the natural shine to come through.. I really like this as a treatment to use a couple of days a week on those days were time is of the essence. I do find that I get more fly aways when using but I give a spritz of hair spray and gonzo! Really nice! Great for all the guys and dolls looking for a break from the tortuous styling processes and to just go natural and look silky and shiny in the process!


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