M Lab ~ Anti-Aging Eye Cream

M Lab Anti Aging Eye Cream $170.00 by M Lab

If a lifetime of squinting, laughing and rubbing has left your peepers looking totally played out, you can breathe an ‘eye’ of relief. This fast-absorbing yet luxe-feeling formula contains 59% clinically active ingredients to make creases visibly vanish, put puff out to pasture and delete dark circles. It’s one of the most ‘eye’-octane creams we’ve found—but then, that’s what happens when you give a lab with 25 years of cosmeceutical development experience an unlimited budget and tell them to give you the best they’ve got all.

cakedoo1 says.. What’s the first thing you see in the image?? For me, it’s 59% Clinically Active ingredients… I was so refreshed to see that screaming out at me that the next step was to read through all of the actives.. I couldn’t believe that over half  of the jars ingredients was the stuff that smooth, crease-less, even toned eye areas! I have never seen a label like M Lab’s… I am the girl doesn’t want an injection and will do anything to not have to put fillers and poison into my face so I am all about the topical line preventors! I am SO proud to share that is eye cream is a cut above the rest, when I received and opened the box, the cool, chic packaging grabbed my attention but opening up the jar really pulled me in, it’s got a scent like my vitamin bottle does.. It smells like vitamins, it’s hard to explain but as long as you aren’t opening up a bottle of kids gummy vitamins then you know what I am talking about. M Labs doesn’t use any added scent, why?? They don’t have to the ingredients speak for themselves.. You mist click HERE to read what goes into this little jar, it’s so refreshing and makes the investment of $170 – worth it.. I have only been using a short time under a month and the results are in, my eye area looks more youthful and fresher.. I feel that there is an even tone and less need for concealer, my eye area is hydrated throughout the day and by day’s end when I burst out laughing I don’t have to second guess the smile and wonder if my eye area is looking tied and pruny because I am confident that it is hydrated.. For me that has come at a great time of the year, transition of seasons and transition of skincare and cosmetics, I feel a lot more confident that summer is going to be a breeze and I will be able to tinted moisturizer and feel that my skin’s own luminosity is coming through..

M Lab eye cream is wonderful, I apply in the am, just a sparse dab around each eye and a tap on my lips too, it’s an amazing lip hydrator too, keep my lips extra soft and smooth.. It absorbs like a papertowel picks up a spill. The area has a velvety feel, so soft and so smooth.. I am starting to see an ease in the tiny fine lines and a much healthier complexion! I love M Lab products and so happy to have as a part of the anti-aging arsenal… Highly Recommended to check out!!

I also think this is a perfect gift for all Mom’s out there!!



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