Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System


Our most popular and best value, the Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System includes everything you need for great skin care.

Brazilian Peel is the first 30% glycolic acid, medical strength peel for at-home use. 5x stronger than other retail products, this unique new Brazilian style peel is clinically proven to visibly brighten, smooth, firm and tone skin for a more youthful appearance. All the benefits of a professional peel, without the professional!

Available @ for $135


AgelessPat says…

Week 1
I decided to give this Brazilian Peel Facial Resurfacing System a try. I heard fantastic comments about it so I thought I should give it an attempt.  There are three different types of products in this kit.  The Smart Start Cleansing Cream was the first product I used; it really helped clean my face before using the other products and lathers quite well. I cleansed my face and neck with the cleansing cream for about a minute and then dried my face and neck. There were also 4 Brazilian Peel syringes too.  Initially, twisting the syringe was quite difficult for me and some of the peel ended up on my bathroom wall ( haha).  I may have twisted too hard. With what I had left I mixed the peel in the palm of my hand and then applied to my face and neck.  The instructions stated to wait 10 minutes to feel the tightening and tingling but I felt it almost immediately.  I then rinsed my face well with cool water to remove all of the peel. I dried my face and applied moisturizer/sunscreen. My face felt a lot softer. I began to use the Quick & Bright Booster Pads the second day, as the directions note. These pads resembled the Clearasil acne pads my daughter uses for her acne. They are thin little pads soaked with anti-aging ingredients and are quick, easy and mess free.  I noticed that my face was a lot smoother and softer after the first week but had minimal anti aging results at this time.  Each product had a unique scent but they all smelt fresh and a bit minty.
Week 2
I continued using the system throughout this week.  When I applied the peel to my face ( on Tuesday), I did not have any difficultly opening the syringe. I could also definitely feel the effects of the cleansing cream and my face never felt cleaner. I began to notice some anti aging results this week, especially around my eyes and mouth.
Week 3
During this week, I felt that my face has a brilliant and radiant finish to it. The texture feels substantial and firm.  During week 3, I noticed that my wrinkles were fading and my face looked brighter and healthier than it did in a very long time.
Week 4
I did not have a problem with the opening of the syringe and applying to face and neck. In conclusion I personally found this facial resurfacing system astonishingly fascinating. The end result was great my face absolutely glowed and my face felt tight and smooth. My favorite part of the system was by far the Cleansing Cream. Immediately while applying I could feel the cream actually scrub clean my face and it felt so brilliant right away. I also liked how the system gave specific directions as well; there was no guessing work involved! I truly enjoyed this system and would highly recommend it!


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