Ambre Blends ~ Ambre Pure Essential Oil Roll-On

Pure organic essence
Lasts for months
Perfect for carrying in pockets/purses
Roller top is removable for refill from the 30ml bottle
Volume approved for air travel

$44.00 avail from Ambre Blends

cakedoo1 says… Ambre Blends has created a delicious trio of scents that personal and unique.. I have had my Ambre Essence for a couple of weeks and find that it’s a very light scent that is warm and cozy on my skin.. It’s perfect for day or night. It smells clean and fresh with no heavy aroma that give off  congesting notes. I can apply anytime and anywhere. It’s a simple roll on the skin. I apply to the nape and neck.. I love to rub my scarf into my neck to pick up the scent too.. This is the kind of scent that I wear and that doesn’t wear me.. I have never smelled anything like it.. I don’t detect any floral or fruit in the composition – it’s a sudsy clean and fresh scent.. I think this is perfect for guys and dolls.. I carry in my bag when I need a refresher.. Since this is an oil it is much lighter than an alcohol based perfume or eau du toilette the scent is lighter and doesn’t wear as long on me so I do need to give myself a little freshen up.. I don’t mind at all. I actually like it.. Since I apply so little no biggie to roll over my skin during the day.. This is definitiely a scoop up scent.. It’s perfect for the winter and summer it doesn’t have anything in it that makes me think it’s for a specific time of the year a definite year round scent.. YUMMY!!


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