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Susan Posnick COLORESSENTIAL Moisturizing Lipstick, South Beach (Coral) $17.00 by Susan Posnick at or Susan

The Evolution of Lip Color

COLORESSENTIAL® – a collection of five universally flattering shades of berry, pink, red, nude and coral.

With COLORESSENTIAL®, Susan Posnick perfectly combines the finest natural ingredients with cutting edge technology for luxuriously moisturizing lipcolor.

Makeup Addict absolutely loves Susan Posnick Coloressential Lipstick in Dubai which is their nude shade. It may be nude – but it adds so much to your lips.  It feels very luxurious and rich on — very creamy.  It was like I put a balm on that had gorgeous color.  A nude shade can be pretty bland. . . I know – I love nude and have gotten stuck with many bland ones.  Dubai is very lively and has pizazz to it.  I also notice that Susan Posnick Coloressential Lipstick has some great staying power.  I am extremely rough on lipstick, etc.  I only needed to freshen this up a couple of times during the day — which is quite a feat for me.  I do know that I am a return customer — I want the rest of her shades.  I am very happy with how Susan Posnick Coloressential Lipstick wears, feels, and looks!!!!!


AgelessPat says…SusanPosnick’s Moisturizing Lipstick is absolutely fantastic! The shade I have is called Dallas. The color to me is between a gorgeous deep dark pink and a lighter berry. I love the actual lipstick container; it is a glossy shiny plum color. Living in New England makes my lips extra dry especially during the winter months so I do prefer to use a moisturizing lipstick. This lipstick is so smooth that immediately after I put it on I could feel the moisturizing taking place. It also has a silky look to it not too glossy at all, but just enough. Another great feature of this lipstick is the duration of it, it honestly stayed on a lot longer then other moisturizing lipsticks I have used in the past. I like this color especially because it blends in well with a very broad wardrobe of pink, berry, and certain shades of plum. I have fairly light skin and the contrast looked amazing but I believe that this color, Dallas would work with many different skin colors. I am interested in trying some of the other color essentials lipsticks believing they would also be wonderful as well.


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