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Perfect your brows with the Mini Tweezer from Susan Posnick. The sturdy design features a sharp slant tip for precise hair removal and the petite size makes on-the-go tweezing easy.

Available @ for $12

lilmissashley says…I absolutely loved these!  It was so much easier to pluck out my eyebrows with these- especially the shorter hairs that most tweeters leave out. Let me explain to you how much I love these. I accidentally “misplaced” these for a day and I was SO upset!  I knew I loved this before I lost them, but until I had… I didn’t realize how much I took these for granted.  In between getting my eyebrows waxed, I pluck a lot…almost every day. This isn’t good for many reasons, especially because of the fact that thicker eyebrows are in. But, I still pluck compulsively.   These tweeters were the perfect size and had the perfect ends to them – not too sharp that they hurt you but not too dull that they don’t do the job!  They were a little smaller in size than I am used to, but this didn’t present any problems.. it just them easier to tot around in my make up bag because they were lighter. The sides were a bit shorter than traditional ones, but again not a problem… I still could get a great grip on the sides.   It was a little less painful to pluck with these too, since the design made plucking go faster! All and all, I am absolutely in love with this product. Also, they aren’t that expensive either for what you get! GO GET THEM!!

cakedoo1 says.. I too love these little tweezers, they are small and compact and perfect for popping into the handbag. The edges are sharp but not diamond sharp, they get in close and grab – that is all that I am looking for.. I have to admit, like Ashley – I too am a habitual plucker inbetween waxes. I like the area to be clean and groomed so I am constantly on the lookout. I popped these in my bag so no matter where I am, I am prepared. I love having them with me.. They are easy to use even though they are smaller than the standard size, I don’t find that I am at a disadvantage or discomforted at all. I can grab onto the smallest hair and pull em out, no break, it pulls from the roots!

METSV adds:  Like the girls above, I’m really liking these tweezers too.  They’re compact, but work really well – these actually fit my hand better than the “famous” brand that I have.    I don’t have a lot of plucking in the brow area, but get the occassional stragglers and strays, and this perfectly grabs ’em by the root and gets them gone.  I also have one or two rogue hairs that will appear for no reason on my chin or upper lip – uh, THOSE need to go and quick (I don’t even know where they come from!).  These tweezers are sharp enough to get them even when they are barely popped through my skin – I say this with authority because as soon as I feel the slightest coarse hair, it’s gotta come out even if I can barely see it!  That’s where I’m obsessed.  I still pluck my daughter’s eyebrows and when we went to do them the other day she saw that I didn’t have the Posnick tweezers in my hand (that’s b/c they were in my pocketbook).  She wanted me to use them because she said they hurt less than the ones we typically use to do her brows, so a thumbs up from my 17 year old as well.

Makeup Addict found Susan Posnick’s Tweezers to be one of the most useful tweezers I have used.  I have bought some ‘big brand’ name tweezers for outrageous prices and have never used them after the first couple of times.  These are a normal cost and are much handier and easier to use.  I thought — they are so small that I am going to find it difficult to use these — but they proved me wrong BIG TIME.   They are so easy to use and maneuver around the brows.  I am sorry I did not discover these smaller ones much earlier.  Yes, they are very easy to carry around but be careful — because of their size they can be easy to lose.  I have found that they do a much better and cleaner job than my many usual tweezers.  I think those many others are going into a drawer — these do so much better for me.  Do NOT be scared away by their smaller size — they do a BIG job for you.


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