Klix – Cosmetics Brushes

This set provides you with all the tools you need to properly apply your makeup. The comprehensive set includes:

•Klix Cosmetic Blush Brush
•Klix Cosmetic Concealer Brush
•Klix Powder Brush Head

Cruelty free, the white hair brush heads allow you to see any dirt buildup, reminding you when it’s time to throw away your old brush head and start fresh. The click and go connection makes it easy to replace brush heads, while the stylish wand design is comfortable, durable and attractive. Klix Cosmetic Brushes save you money while saving your skin.

Learn more at klixbrushes.com or find them for $59.95 at Lovelyskin.com

METSV says:  What a truly brilliant idea.  How come I can never come up with concepts like this?  Boy am I loving these Klix Brushes.  Never heard of them?  Trust me, you will be soon enough.  I think they are poised to take the cosmetic brush industry by storm…    I am a fanatic with brushes – I have so many of them, it’s a sickness.  I also am never happy with how they perform after I’ve gently washed them.   I’ll admit, I’m a little lazy, (and by “little” I mean a lot), when it comes to brush care and I know that’s pretty stupid, but I just don’t make the time to take care of them.  They’re a breeding ground for bacteria and I have seen the evidence of it on my face – my forehead namely.    Enter Klix.  Three soft as all get out brushes (powder, blush, concealer/eyeshadow) have disposable heads – just click, toss, and add a new one when ones shows signs of “age”.  (i.e. dirt)    I’m not kidding when I tell you how incredibly soft and gentle these are to the skin – no shedding either.    These work really well with traditional makeup as well as mineral makeup – I typically use a skunk brush for my mineral blush, but I find with the Klix brush, I just swipe a little across my hand before applying to my cheeks and it’s the perfect amount of powder with no streaking or pulling – the powder brush is perfection for all over high def powder, and the smaller one, though called a concealer brush has worked really well for me as an eyeshadow brush.  I can see this in department stores as well as dermatologist’s offices.   Say bye to bacteria-laden brushes and say hello to Klix.  Innovative and excellent product.  Highly recommend.


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