Klorane ~ Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk

Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk – Aerosol Spray $18.00 by Klorane at Sephora

A dry shampoo with an aerosol pump dispenser. What it does: Klorane Gentle Shampoo with Oat Milk lets you clean hair without water. This dry shampoo is based on softening, protective oat extract, cyclodextrins, and natural polysaccharides (micronised powders with very oil-absorbing properties) to clean the hair without washing, as often as required. The hair regains volume and lightness within minutes. Quick and practical to use, it’s recommended for those on-the-go. What else you need to know: It’s hypoallergenic and formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction.


lilmissashley says…. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.  Let me tell you about the first time I tried this product out. I was running late for a meeting and didn’t have enough time to take a shower that morning. You see, I have the type of annoying hair that needs to be washed frequently or it looks greasy and flat. I spotted this product and took a chance. I grabbed this bottle and sprayed my roots where my hair part was and then let it sit. At first, I was nervous… I said to myself… what if this white flakiness stays and it looks even worse than before? Luckily my worries were uncalled for. After waiting a few minutes, i was able to brush this product out no problem. The result? Beautiful, non greasy and volume full hair. It was amazing. Seriously. This stuff is now a permanent product in my collection. I am a busy college student, but I really like doing my hair nicely for class, meetings, etc. When I don’t have enough time to rinse, dry and style… all I do is spray.  The sprayer itself is quite strong so make sure you don’t spray too too close. A tip- spray a couple sprays close to your roots, rather than spraying your whole head. This approach will make the product last longer.  The product did not make my hair itchy or flaky afterwards. I highly suggest this product!

METSV says:  I was so looking forward to trying this product – Like Ashley above, I too am a frequent washer of the doo…I wish I were one of those people who could go for a couple of days, but I look like an alien (what I am doing in my sleep to have my hair look the way it does the following day, I’ll never know) if I go more than a day or two at best without a wash.  I really try to reserve the weekend for shampoo-free hair to give it a chance to get its natural oils back.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like my hair to look and feel good, especially if I have plans.  So…on to the product…. It. Works.  Like a charm.    At first I was not sure – I was thinking “did I do this right?”  “How come nothing is happening?”    I had flipped my head over and applied to the underside of my hair, then flipped my head back and applied some along my part, carefully trying not to apply too much as I wasn’t sure of the outcome.   A few minutes later I flipped my head over again and brushed, flipped back, and was pleasantly surprised to see body and bounce back in my hair and a complete reduction of the oily flat head that I’d had only moments before.  This will now be my weekend staple –  this will truly allow me to not have to worry about going out with a nasty looking doo – I found that my hair was even more agreeable to a curling iron b/c it wasn’t as soft as when I usually curl it – the Klorane gave it texture, so it styled really nicely.  An absolutely worthwhile investment for such a convenient and easy way to get through to your next shampoo and give your hair a rest.  Well done, Klorane.


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