IT&LY Purity Design ~ Pure Creative Gel Strong

Pure Creative Gel Strong ~ strong creative gel ideal for modeling and creating a unique style. It protects the hair from harmful UV rays while nourishing. Hair becomes shiny from the “Desert Blend” (Agave, Joshua Tree and Challa Cactus). Apply on wet or dry hair for definition and style. Style as desired.Suggested Retail: $13 for more information please go to IT&LY

Bennyboy says…The IT&LY gel gave my hair definite and shine. I have very short hair and I love product that help me control my flyaway’s. This product helped me do so. The bottle design itself was good because I could flip off the cover rather than screw it off.  The smell of the product in the bottle was nice and subtle but quickly vanished  after I applied it on my head. The gel had a unique consistency to it which allowed it to be easily squeezed from the bottle and applied to your hair. It can be applied very easily and I didn’t have to deal with gel clumps.  The gel held my hair in place all day; I didn’t have to worry about any flyways, especially towards the back of my head.  The gel goes on your head clear so you don’t have to worry about any white flakes. The gel easily washes out too, so you start with a new, fresh look the next morning.  This is also a large bottle too, so I was able to get a lot of use out of this.  Go try it out!


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