Supergoop! PLUS 4 LIPS Box Set


Supergoop 4 Lips Pocket-Stick Set $19.00 at Barneys New York

A highly moisturizing SPF 30 lip treatment that defends against UVA/UVB rays and environmental (sun, salt and wind) damage. Glides on smoothly, without a greasy residue, to give lips softness and replinish moisture. Reverses dryness. Formulated with refreshing Wintermint essential oils and Vitamins A,C & E to provide extra protection from free radical damage.)

AgelessPat says..I am a huge fan of chap sticks/ lip balms or anything that helps me take care of my chapped lips! I have come to find that chap sticks come in a variety of methods these days. Some are solids, some are gels, and others are cream. This specific one, Supergoop, Wintermint Lip Pocket Stick is incredible! I live in New England so needless to say my lips get extremely dry during the winter months. This specific lip treatment stick contains a SPF 30 as well as aloe vera and vitamins. The actual product is a soft white stick that is very simple and soft to apply on your lips.  It STAYS on your lips too. So often, I apply lip gloss that is so glossy and does not stay put! Once I applied my lips immediately felt silky and refreshed. I walk outside daily so having the SPF 30 is great. This lip stick contains wintermint but truthfully I could not detect a scent at all. In the pass I have used some flavored scented chap sticks and I do not particularly care for a coffee or bubblegum scent added. I like this pocketstick and will continue to use.

lilmissashley says..I have used various Supergoop products before and was very eager to test out their chap sticks too!  Unlike AgelessPat, I did detect a slight wintermint smell when I applied the gloss initially. It smelt like a mixture between an after dinner mint and wintergreen bubble gum. The scent doesn’t last too long and the product itself has no taste.  After I applied the pocketstick, my lips felt so so refreshed!  My lips are constantly dry and chapped in the wintertime so I always looking for a product that helps me with my problem! The product will also be useful in the summertime as well, since it has a SPF of 30! I have been using this product for approximately 2 weeks, almost every single day. I have noticed amazing results, not only when I am wearing the pocketstick, but after as well. The product also has a slight glossy look to it when applied, so it’s a very nice natural look.   Go try it out!

METSV says:  Just to add to the ladies above – though all the good stuff has already been said – this is a great lipbalm.  It does what it says, and in my book, that’s a-ok.  Completely softens and soothes my lips and keeps them hydrated which is no easy task in this nasty New England winter we’re having.  This is a staple by my bedside – I slather this on every night before bed, then grab it for my pocketbook or gym bag…this is why it’s brilliant that it’s packaged in a box of 4!!!   Now you’ll have no excuse not to have a tube with you at all times!  I love the freshness of the wintermint scent and flavor – I was joking the other day that the lipbalm stopped me from going in the lunchroom and grabbing a slice of pizza because I didn’t want it to interfere with the scent!  Maybe I’m on to something…if this lipbalm stops me from eating, then I’m going to have to order a ton of them!    I’ve had the pleasure of using several of Supergoop’s products in the past, and they are truly a great line that focuses on keeping our skin safe and healthy – and now our lips too.  Sooooo much better than your typical lipbalms that consistently force you to always reapply and actually make my lips dryer…not so with Supergood – it’s super good.   Recommend highly.

Makeup Addict says Supergoop SPF 30 Wintermint Pocketstick is mandatory for me.  This is so soft and smooth — unlike so many waxy ones that are out there.  The Wintermint fragrance is very light but it is so fresh and clean that I lactually enjoy it!!  Many other lip balms etc. do not offer any SPF which is really critical — and those that do offer it are usually very low in the protection.  Yet, Supergoop SPF 30 Wintermint Pocketstick offers a 30 which I find a necessity for the face and lips.  This can easily pass as a lip gloss as there is some nice shine to it — in addition to the soothing, healing, and protection.  Wow, what a great multi-tasking product.  I love the idea that you can get 4 in a package — leave one in the various places that you will normally be hunting for the only one you usually have.  I have one with my makeup, in my purse, in my car, and in my desk at work.  There are so many great options that you need never go out without Supergoop SPF 30 Wintermint Pocketstick protecting you.  Supergoop has once again added to their Super product line!!



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