Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer ~ REVIEW

Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer $75.00 by Jan Marini Skin Research at Skin Store

Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer  – This unique primer instantly perfects skin and provides a radiant plumped and refined surface. Wear it with foundation for an incredibly smooth and flawless long-wearing finish. Even without foundation, skin looks polished and beautifully reflective while pores and imperfections are minimized. Age Intervention Prime Face Primer delivers a potent combination of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory technologies that dramatically lessen the appearance of many aging skin flaws. Skin looks and feels younger from the first application and results are progressively more noticeable with continued use.

cakedoo1 says… The result of me using for one week straight have been really pleasant. I found with the first couple of uses that I was using to much.. No need to overdo it, I now have learned that 1/2 is all I need for my entire face. I apply right after my sunscreen and I can notice a difference, my skin looks less shiny. I give it a moment to absorb but really I don’t have to. My face feels soft and powdery (not with powder, of course) just the smooth soft velvety feeling..  I switch off on the types of foundation I use, I go back and forth, tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation and mineral.. This week I have given them all a go and the results are the same, seamless and if I was perfect, then perfection. No matter what medium I use Jan’s Primer keeps my face together and I see no riding in the little lines, I am good to go so I don’t have to be self- conscious about this in the afternoon when sometimes I might see a little riding.. I also think that when wearing my mineral powder foundation that I get longer wear, anyone who wears mineral powder foundation know it can wear away  throughout the day I actually see that Jan’s Primer is keeping it on, it may be lighter but it’s there. It’s weightless on my face and my skin isn’t getting clogged up or breaking out from use.. These are my 7 day results and so far SO good, based on this week, I say scoop this up, it’s great – also no unscented!

METSV says:  Admittedly, and as much as I love the Marini line, when presented with the new Primer, I scrunched my nose in skeptisism.  Me and primers don’t make a good team.  I’ve tried several – starting with a very well known one and unfortunately was underwhelmed as I was with my next couple of attempts at primers.  But because I’m such a fan of Jan, I thought, “what the heck, give it a shot.”  I’m glad I did because it’s actually working for me – which was not the outcome I’d expected.    It’s very light – makes my skin powdery soft and soft of blurs the fine lines and other nonsense that’s happening to my 40 something face right now.    A teeny bit is all I need to do my whole face – makes my foundation go on like silk – very easily blendable.  Flaws become barely noticable and I get that camera ready look.  Since my skin is dry as all get out, this also tends to keep moisture locked in, keeping my skin plump and hydrated.  It acts like a sealer which is great.  I think what make this primer different from the competition is the addition of healthful, good-for-your-skin ingredients that just add to not only the visible part of your face, but the skin beneath as well.    I am well into my second week using the primer and have experienced no breakouts, bumps, redness, or irritation.    An excellent addition to the Age Intervention Line.  Don’t know how Jan Marini keeps one-upping herself with the products she introduces, but she’s done it again with this primer.   Really liking this one!

Makeup Addict adores Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer —  I swear that I have set up my makeup much like an altar — with this at the top!!  I cannot fully describe the wonders it does for my face.  It claims you will notice improvements after the first use — wrong — I noticed them before I even finished using it the first time!!!  I mean it — I have been using primers since I discovered them.  They do prepare your face as primer prepares a wall for paint.  I have been very pleased with the results I have been getting.  However, now I cannot believe just how much more improvement I am finding with Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer.  Sometimes it takes  a face with more fine lines and wrinkles to appreciate the full effects of a product.   Sadly, I admit I have that face.   As I applied this elixir to my face I saw softening of the fine lines —  yes, as I was putting it on for the first time!!!!!!     The improvements are there for everyone but are definitely more noticeable with more damage – as it repairs that much more.   After continuing to use Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer for about 3 1/2 weeks now — I really can see the major improvements.  The fine lines are almost invisible while the wrinkles appear like fine lines instead of the valleys they were.   Honestly, I have read that you cannot expect miracles using external products — you need ‘Botox’ or something similar to attain real results.  Well, I am not one of those experts but I can say that Jan Marini comes close to what I would have hoped to get from ‘Botox’  — without the cost and without having poison injected into my face.   I hate needles — and cannot imagine them going into my face. . . so thank you, Jan Marini!!!!  I had thought the improvements might just be there while the Primer is on but no, they stay.  I believe they will go away if I discontinue use — but am I crazy enough to do that– absolutely not!!!!!   I almost forgot to mention the primer’s capabilities as a primer. . . it holds your makeup in place for the full day.   You makeup does not glide into any lines at all.  Actually, my face looks so improved due to the primer that the makeup only enhances the improvements!!!  I do not think I can ask for anything more!!   Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Face Primer is an incredible addition to her line of wondrous products.  My face looks and feels smoother, firmer, and less aged than it has for a while.  So far, every single Jan Marini product I use or have used exceeds expectations!!!


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