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Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment is a powerful antioxidant treatment that works during the day to help defend skin against age-promoting free radicals

Agelesspat says…Immediately after applying this skin treatment, I felt a tingling sensation on my face. I have been using this product for approximately 2 weeks and have seen some great results! I focus the application of this product on my face, particularly on my wrinkles areas, including near the eyes and around the mouth. As the directions note, I applied this product twice a day.  After a few days my face felt totally smoother, about a week later I noticed that my wrinkles were a lot less noticeable. The container that the cream is in is quite unique! I do not think I ever personally seen or used one of this kind before. The 1 oz. inner container is placed in a clear heavy plastic cylinder shape container approximately 5 inches long including a pump to get the cream out (great if traveling you can throw it in a suitcase).  I really did not detect a scent at all which is a good thing for me since I do not care for the perfumery aroma personally. The yellowish cream itself had a nice consistency, not too thin or running and not too thick. Generally my whole face appeared brighter, healthy and soft. I definitely recommend this product!

METSV:  A sure fire winner from Cell Ceuticals.  I am loving this Extreme Defense big time.  Instant hydration and softening of the lines and a smoothness to my skin that is incredible – that’s just the short term….in my third week of using I’m finding that I’m using less and less moisturizer in the a.m. – which typically this time of year I am slathering myself in it as I’m so dry.  Extreme Defense seems to be keeping my skin hydrated and a lot less tight feeling.  I had not one reaction (except happy surprise) to using this.  My skin literally drinks it in.  I love the container and how I just have to pump one or two small pumps to cover my entire face – fragrance free too.   Another big bonus for me is how well it works with my makeup – during the winter I always use a liquid or cream foundation – and I can’t tell you how many serums and creams will ball up and flake off my face once I start applying my makeup.  Absolutely none of that with Cell Ceuticals.  On the contrary, it helps makeup go on smoothly and flawlessly.    The more birthdays I have, the more I look for quality skincare that’s really going to help, protect, heal, and de-age (not a word, I know!) me… I know no topical can really turn back the hands of time, but Extreme Defense has given my skin a healthy glow and texture and to me, that makes it worth every penny.  Absolute recommend.

Makeup Addict is older than the above two young whippersnappers so my face gave CellCeutical Skincare Extreme Defense a true challenge.  Yes, now it was getting the test of time!!! I love the unique container and the lotion which is so nice and creamy.  As I apply it — I can see the fine lines and wrinkles absorbing it — seriously.  It was not really too long before my skin showed noticeable improvements.  Right away the moisture was evident to me.  However, after about a week I could actually see the fine lines were even finer and the wrinkles were less wrinkled!!  Of course, I continued after those obvious improvements.  Now my facial and neck skin are so extremely soft to the touch — definitely more hydrated  — and the fine lines and wrinkles are much less noticeable – yipppeee!!!  I think the skin is firmer and less jiggley (for loss of the correct word).  My jowls have gone down in size to barely noticeable — a vast improvement.  I think my skin has more elasticity to it — and that has been on the decrease so I am loving that!!  All in all — I cannot think of even one single thing I can find fault with.  It has helped quite a few of my faults!!  The cost is very reasonable for what you get.  I know for a fact I have spent a lot more on products that promised everything and delivered nothing so I actually consider the price to be a bargain — considering the results!!!!  I will NOT say my skin looks younger – but I will let others say it.  A couple of people I work with have asked what I am doing differently as my face is vibrant and appears more ‘youthful’.  I am just sorry I did not have a tape recorder to play those comments over and over. 

cakedoo1 says.. I really like CellCeutical Extreme Defense.. It’s so easy to use but seriously comes in handy in the dry weather or whenever you feel like your skin is vulnerable ~ let’s face it ladies & gents ~ it’s vulnerable all the time work, stress, sun, you name it there is something new we have to be on the lookout for.. I feel like this little step of appling is so simple but really improves the texture and strength of my skin.. I know what you are thinking – Strength of my skin? it’s hard to explain but my skin can look and seem thin to me, like the life has gone out of it and I need a boost or a sheild to protect.. I feel like this is just what the Dr. ordered. It’s like an invisible, unscented veil of strength that when applied to my skin give a more youthful hydrated appearance and feel. I have been using for a few weeks now and think it’s just a wonderful product.. I think this is perfect, I apply first and it makes everything else I use work better.. It’s the canvas to my painting!


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