The Organic Pharmacy ~ Double Rose Ultra

For dry, dehydrated skin
A rich, nourishing cream enriched with Evening Primrose, Rose Hip & Rose brings instant relief to dehydrated, dry skin. Ideal to protect the skin during the winter months especially for skiing, in air conditioned surroundings or pre and post flying. $86.02 Avail @ The Organic Pharmacy
cakedoo1 says.. Depending on where you are in the world this may come in handy right now.. It’s winter here, brutally cold and windy so of course my skin is at a disadvantage.. My skin is dehydrated.. My hands are like sand paper.. My face gets ruddy and raw too. This Double Rose Ultra is like no other day product I have used, in the tub it seriously looks like butter, it’s thick and rich.. Room temperature butter, so for obvious reason, I was a little nervous about applying to my face. I thought why not! I put this on after my serums but before my sunscreen. I don’t need much, one swipe over the top and I have enough for my entire face, I do apply a little pressure to pick up a little more than a graze over the top.. Well, once I apply to my skin, like butter it warms up and changes, it changes into a clear moisturizer. It feels soft and delicate on my skin but I can feel it’s a little more than I usually wear.. It so perfect right now.. My skin needs the additional protection and now since using the Double Rose Ultra I feel like my skin is holding in the moisture much better and this lasts throughout the day too. I think its like a moisturizing balm… WOW! If you feel adversely to rose, well you need not worry about that either, it doesn’t have a floral rosy scent at all, if anything its got a nice natural scent like a fresh green plant.. it’s lovely! Also I use a teeny bit on my hands too, on the especially rough spots and it is so emollient my hands instantly feels amazing, not raw but nourished and soft again. I like to use in the evening with the cotton gloves it works wonders so this can be used as an all around product too. I was nervous that my skin would be oily / greasy, not the case, my skin drinks up it all up and even now.. ummm over 12 hours after applying my skin still feels plump and soft.. I can’t recommend enough, this is seriously a god send at this dry arid cold time of year.. Looking forward to ringing in the New Year with continued use of Organic Pharmacy’s Double Rose Ultra..    This is my first time using The Organic Pharmacy’s line, I really enjoyed navigating through their site, they have something for everyone and it’s all organic.. I look forward to using more of their products and telling you all about them..



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