The New York Blow Dry Bar ~ Wave Maker

Blow Wave Maker Light Twisting Lotion $21.00 at

Blow’s “twisting and twirling” signature trick finally has a signature product. Blow’s Wave Maker is a light and weightless lotion that helps create soft waves, or “twists,” for a look that is flirty and sexy.

METSV says:  Quite possibly one of the funnest hair styling products I’ve used!  Blow Wave Maker gives me soft, soft waves with just the twist of my fingers and a light hair spray for hold.   The trick is to take your time and use your fingers instead of a round brush to create the look –  I apply this all over my hair in small sections, then when I’m blow drying I take a section of hair, twist my finger around it, then use a low heat for a couple of seconds.  When I untwist my finger I have a soft, silky wave.  So pretty!   I have used this on my daughter’s hair as well – she has gorgeous, long, but super straight hair.  What I did with her was to twist her hair around my fingers then put a little bobbie pin on the end so the twist stayed while I blow dried it – we did this all over her hair and then removed the bobbie pins when her hair was dry – she had beach-waves that were really pretty and soft looking.   This is a must have styling tool for proms, weddings, and for when you want that tousled, wavy look to your hair but don’t feel like using a curling iron.   Blow Wave Maker will give you the look with just a twist of your fingers!  Really cool styling product.


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