Jane Iredale’s ~ ‘Amazing Base’ SPF 20 Loose Mineral Powder

Jane Iredale ‘Amazing Base’ Loose Mineral Powder SPF 20 $42.00 by Jane Iredale at Nordstrom

An incredible loose mineral foundation with UVA/UVB broad-spectrum sun protection. The look is creamy and luminous. The feel is like silk. Provides exceptional coverage of any distraction, including redness and brown spots. Ideal for those who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Very water-resistant formula.

Makeup Addict is a fan of many mineral foundations and Jane Iredale’s ‘Amazing Base’ SPF 20 Loose Mineral Powder is really amazing as the name suggests. I have been using their Mink which is a tad darker than I am used to but it does work. I alway apply a moisturizer and/ or a primer before applying any dry foundation. I have learned that they can look spectacular — but dry out my skin. My prep work prevents that drying problem. Actually, I find that they are not exaggerating when they claim this foundation “provides exceptional coverage of ” and it lists them. I thought – yeah, sure — I won’t use concealer — I guarantee I will be using concealer the next time. Well, good thing I didn’t bet with myself — I would have lost!! It actually does a great job of camouflaging my many different ‘distractions’ as they call them. I was and still am surprised at how well it does cover up those imperfections. It glides on very easily and applies evenly when I brush it on. I love the look — it is very natural but with an almost flawless appearance. I think my face looks much softer than it does with some other types of foundation and it definitely flatters — due to concealing those little (or in my case- big) flaws. Sometimes you can tell when someone is wearing concealer — the reverse racoon effect. Well, with no concealer I don’t have to worry about that. Hey, I am looking at my face in a magnifying mirror now to really see closeup how natural it looks. No powdery residue to give it away — no caking — no signs of foundation!! No lines where I ended the application either. On top of everything else it contains SPF 20 which is a requirement for your face. Me thinks that Jane Iredale knows foundations well – this is a superb mineral foundation. You will find yourself glowing when your use Jane Iredale’s ‘Amazing Base’ SPF 20 Loose Mineral Powder.



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