LaVie Organique ~ Eye Cream

LaVie Organique Eye Cream is pure and simply elegant, formulated to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. It is a must-have. Our Eye Cream will deeply nurture and restore the elasticity of your skin. It contains caffeine, which helps to tighten the skin and ease wrinkles. It is formulated for all skin types and is suitable for skin exhibiting signs of aging.   $135 at Lavie-Organique

This is one serious eyecream.  I mean it is jam-packed full of the most amazing ingredients that are known to be incredibly good for your skin.  There is not ONE filler here.  You have to click the “ingredients” link in the previous sentence to see what I’m talking about.   You will be awed!  This eyecream delivers.  Big.  It keeps my eye area hydrated and bright looking all day, smooths fine lines, makes me look more awake…I want to take a bath in this stuff.  Lavinia Borcau, mastermind behind Lavie, has done everything right with this exceptional quality skincare line.  Ingredients that matter, a skincare regimen that’s easy to follow, results that are seen almost instantly – it’s all good.  I’m a little concerned that she has a Skin Care Salon in Boston.  Why that’s just a hop, skip, and jump from me…very dangerous indeed.   The eyecream has the slightest fragrance that’s very soft and very soothing.  It just feels so good going on and it instantly melts into my skin.  Even as I sit and type this review all these hours later, my eye area STILL feels hydrated.  As per the blurb above from LaVie, this eyecream is indeed a “must have”.  It’s worth every penny.


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