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Dr. Schultz has three great episodes on DermTV.com this week to wake us from our turkey comas.  Starting the week off right, don’t miss Understanding Sunscreen UVA Ratings.  Going live on Wednesday, Dr. Schultz offers Tips for Preventing Adult Acne Breakouts. We’re ending the week with an episode on common skincare issue, Skin Tags.  Were you too busy to tune in last week?  Check out last week’s episodes now: When is Botox Justified for Teenagers and Airplane Acne.

Having a hard time distinguished what’s causing pesky breakouts?  Dr. Schultz Tip of the Week may be the answer you need!

Dr. Schultz Tip of the Week: An Easy Way to Avoid Acne Breakouts

It’s very simple: Don’t touch your face more often then you need to. Otherwise, you’ll most likely cause acne breakouts. No, it’s not a result of germs, or even dirt; it’s the actual touching that causes zits. Repetitive touching (we’re all guilty of it) causes a very slight thickening of your skin (i.e., anti-exfoliation). This in turn promotes pore clogging and thus can cause breakouts. And how crazy is this: Anything touching your face can cause these breakouts. Even your squeaky clean hair brushing across your face time and time again can do it. Of course, touching your face a few times won’t do it, but to help stay acne-free, avoid repetition.



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