LaVie Organique™~ Exfoliating Mask


LaVie Organique Exfoliating Mask is pure and natural; formulated to gently and effectively revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, restore the appearance of elasticity, and lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles and other signs of aging. Made with organic apples and organic quinceHungarian chili pepperswhite willow bark, and ground walnuts. It exfoliates and firms the skin. Our Exfoliating Mask is suitable for skin exhibiting signs of aging.

avail @ Lavie Organique for $135.00

cakedoo1 says.. I swear by ex foliating masks. I really wasn’t sure I would get results out of an organic skincare line. I was completely wrong. I am SO happy I got the chance to use the LaVie line..First off the jar is so darn cute I have it out on the vanity, I just love all of their packaging.. This mask comes with a little spoon applicator, I didn’t use at all, I use a fan brush to apply all of my masks. I learned a long time ago that by using the brush, I can apply less, cover more and save product so it works for me.. This mask has a really apple scent mixed with citrus scent it’s light and delicious. The first time I applied my skin was stinging and tingling till it dried down.. I feel like the more tingle the deeper it’s working, just my thought.  I left on between 20-30 minutes, it completely dries down and feels like a shell on my face. I then, splashed my face with water and used as a scrub, it was so easy to get a scrub out of the mask, it really is invogorating after the mask.. I completely rinse and apply moisturizer. My skin completely glows after use. I have been using between 2-3x per week and as I go I need less. I find that this changes so many aspects of my skin.. My skin visibly looks firmer, it glows, looks clearer and feels so soft. I think this is a wonderful product, it’s a pleasure to put on and now that it’s been 3 weeks I am starting to see the fine lines around my eyes look like they are easing so the longer I feel that my skin will only look better, it’s a perfect product to maintain my look too. I just can’t believe it! WONDERFUL!!!!



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