SAMPAR – Spot Lighter

SAMPAR Spot Lighter $45.00 by Sampar at Skin Store

description for SAMPAR Spot Lighter This streamlined pen complete with a soft, angled applicator contains a high-powered clarifying active element comprised of 10 percent citrus bioflavonoids. The Spot Lighter has been designed to focus on specific targets, such as pigment spots on the face, neckline and hands.

METSV says:  I’ve been using this little roll-on pen from Sampar for about three weeks on some hyperpigmentation, and more importantly, on a couple of spots that I had an unexpected breakout that I couldn’t leave alone and had to pick, leaving a couple of marks on my face that didn’t want to leave.  It seems this little pen is helping that process along – it’s a cooling liquid that somehow targets these tricky areas and gets them to heal quicker.  Now, as far as addressing pigments spots – I think I’ll need to give it a little more time to see if any areas I have melasma improve, but I will be paying close attention and report back in if those spots are lightened.  I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing so far.  I think Sampar is a very luxurious yet affordable line – considering what great, natural, effective ingredients and EO’s they put in their products.  I don’t know why at my age I’m getting little breakouts – but it’s nice to know that when I do…Sampar’s Spot Lightener is there to speed up the healing time.


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