Enjoy Haircare ~ Hair & Skin Treatment Oil


This incredible non-greasy, dry lightweight formula instantly penetrates and absorbs into hair and skin reducing drying time dramatically without buildup. Smooth, condition, and seal with amazing shine. Eliminates frizz. Locks in moisture, blocks out humidity. Alcohol-Free. For All Hair Types. Excellent for use on dry skin areas, cuticles, nails, feet, hands and elbows. Great after shower.

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cakedoo1 says… Hair & Skin oil?? No way!! This oil is thick and looks a lot like an olive oil but it’s not is smells great it’s fresh and lightly floral. I have been using this daily. I love it.. My hair is shoulder length, color treated, blow dried and straightened. So obviously, this is something my hair needs.. All the processing strips my hair of the natural moisture and health so I have relied on products for a long time and it’s fabulous to find a product the replenishes my hair.. I use a quarter sized amount and pull through my very damp hair, I find that it distributes more evenly when very wet! So it’s really easy to apply and the coolest part is if I use too much I can just rub into my skin since this works for the skin too, it is a perfect moisturizer. I make sure to use on my elbows and knees that need the extra moisture.. Works wonders on the skin and keeps my skin soft and smooth all day and no ashiness ever! So once applied to my hair then I dry, I can instantly see a different, when I start drying it immediately looks different, my hair sits flat on the brush when usually it starts to frizz up a bit so that is COMPLETELY refreshing! I notice that as it dries it sit flat and looks super shiny.. My hair has a new health, it is so shiny, it’s soft, smooth and remains this way throughout the day. I can also tell you this, I don’t need to apply everyday. I did the first week then decided to skip a day the following week.. So the results seem to be holding up so now I am using every other day and I am getting the same results.. There is only one thing that I would change and that is the insert on the inside of the bottle, it’s got a large whole with additional cuts in too.. I would prefer a smaller opening so I don’t waste any product.. The product is too wonderful to waste.. I don’t waste any since when I over pour I end up using my body… I love this and think it’s amazing!!


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