Frederic Fekkai ~ Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Shampoo

Frederic Fekkai Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Shampoo $45.00 by Frederic Fekkai at Neiman Marcus

“The spirit of a woman revealed.”—Frederic Fekkai Envelop hair in silk proteins that strengthen from within, while a fresh, modern scent surrounds you head to toe. A complex mix of orange blossoms and jasmine entwined with woody and amber notes, the Eau de Parfum makes a woman not simply gorgeous, but unforgettable. Femme Fekkai Sensuelle Shampoo dramatically silkens and improves the condition of hair with every use. Each product contains the signature fragranceso that hair is subtly infused with the lasting scent of Femme Fekkai Sensuelle.

cakedoo1 says… You are going to love this shampoo. It’s a rich pearyl shampoo and let me tell you about the scent, it’s lush! It’s so nice.. It’s got a lot of jasmine in it but also smells like neroli to me too.. It’s finishes off with a musky amber. The scent isn’t overwhelming in the least. It fills the shower up with the lush scent and when I rinse I can still smell in my hair, it’s lighter though, it’s there but not overwhelmingly. My hair is color treated and it works wonderfully. It rinses out and leaves my hair soft and smooth. It’s really easy to comb through and the scent is still there. I think this is a occasion shampoo, not a shampoo you need to use daily but a shampoo for when you want to treat yourself and if that it daily you will become desensitized and I WON’T have that.. I think by savoring the shampoo makes it a real treat. I have been using daily since getting it and think my hair is SO soft and silky, it really has made it baby soft, it’s smooth and bouncy too. It’s been a perfect accoutrement for my dry arid hair that is suffering from the heat in the house. My hair has suffered but Mr. Fekkai has been gracious enough to give everyone the opportunity to be saved and smell darn good while taking his plunge!

METSV says: I wholeheartedly agree with Denise above – this is a shampoo that is meant to be savored!  It is de-LISH, from the amber-y, musk-y, jasmine-y fragrance to the way it makes my hair look and feel – wow.  The shower smells soooo good when I use this shampoo!  It lathers beautifully yet rinses in two seconds leaving no residue behind; just clean, soft-as-silk healthy hair.  I am going to use this once a week, twice tops – when I feel like I’m in need of a pampering treat.  Don’t get me wrong, you can use this every day, but I think you’ll understand what we mean when you try it – you’re going to want to save it for when you want your hair to look and feel its softest and lushest.  I foil my hair and this shampoo just brings about the shine and bounce that I love – makes my hair so easy to style.   It doesn’t dry it out or strip the color – if anything, it brings out the highlights.   Just another great product from Frederic Fekkai.   There is ALWAYS a product from his vast haircare line adorning either my shower or bathroom counter.  He’s just THAT good.



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