Bath & Body Work’s Anti-Bacterial PocketBac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel

Spread love, not germs. This pocket-sized bottle contains natural ingredients and powerful germ killers that get hands clean, wherever you go. 

  • Vitamins B5 and E nourish skin
  • Kills germs without water
  • Leaves skin gently scented
avail @ Bath & Body Works for $1.50 each or 5 for $5.00
cakedoo1 says… You know with all the flu scares out there the best thing to do is take good care of yourself, take vitamins and get exercise! It’s clear that in order to take some extra precautions while out and about I also carry antibacterial gel.. I have Bath & Body Works PocketBac in White Citrus, it;s true citrus, it’s clean and fresh. I squirt a little whenever.. at the mall, after touching money, after grocery shopping and even at work. I don’t overdue as I believe you need to be able to fight off the bacteria yourself too.. I can’t live in a plastic bubble. I find that a little dollop does me well, it makes my hands feel soft and clean. My hands are in pretty good shape too, not overly dry and raw like some other brands do. These are really nice and little so perfect for the car, handbag, desk, they work anywhere.. I will totally get more of these and I also think these are perfect for the holiday a great inexpensive idea for the Christmas stockings too!


lilmissashley says…I have always loved Bath and Body Works products.  Like Denise said, washing your hands is a great way to fight off the flu during the H1N1 scare. ..this product helps. You basically get a twofer in this product; you acquire clean hands that smell great too! I tried out this antibacterial in two scents, Nectarine Mint and Japanese Cherry Blossom. I have been a big fan of the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent since I was given a body lotion in that scent last year. However, this is the first time I have tried Nectarine Mint. It is a really refreshing scent that has acquired a suitable name. These little products are great to throw into your bag, etc. I have yet to have a problem with the top popping off or exploding in my bag. Plus, they’re a good deal too, normally you would just pay to receive antibacterial in an original scent, not to mention a Bath and Body works scent. .. they are only 5 for $5… so I will make sure to pick up many especially for the holiday season!

Makeup Addict always carries around a hand sanitizer — I have a dog and need to use it constantly when I am around him.  If I pat him — I need to sanitize before touching something else.  Well, Bath and Body has made the carrying much easier with their Anti-Bacterial PocketBac™ Deep Cleansing Hand Gel.  These little gems can fit just about anywhere.  I am noticing Hand Sanitizer at  store counters everywhere for customers and in physicians’ offices for the patients.  When you see them in physicians’ offices it reminds you of the seriousness of the threat out there.  It is so easy to add a layer of protection but using a Hand Sanitizer.  .  . but why not get one that you love the fragrance to — especially since you may be using it a lot more often than you were before.  Bath and Body offers such an array of fragrances that you cannot help but find at least one and probably many more that you will absolutely love.  I am using their Cucumber Melon now but plan on stocking up on the White Citrus.  The Cucumber Melon is a very true scent — not one of those that smell artificial.  It is a pleasure to use and the fragrance lasts for a little while.  I actually know a gentleman who uses these to apply around the bottom edges of his nose.  He feels that might help kill bacteria from being breathed in.  I personally do not think that works but he feels safer using it like that.  I do think it kills the bacteria that are on the nose area at the time he applies it.  However, I will keep using it for my hands and you cannot beat the price for such an added safeguard.

METSV says: This handy little pocket pal from Bath &Body is a no-brainer.  I suggest you go and get yourself several.  Keep one in your purse, one at your office, one in your car to ward off all the nasty bacteria and germs that are just waiting to infect you and cause the flu and other yucky ailments.  I have this in Warm Vanilla Sugar – yum.  It doesn’t have that alcohol-y, medicine-y smell that so many other anti-bacterial hand lotions have – nope, it just smells like a typical B&B product, which is a very good thing!  These would make great stocking stuffers and add-ons to gifts – for example – if you got someone mittens and a scarf, put this little anti-bac with it – you can even color coordinate the bottle with the items!  My DD was going ice skating so I gave this to her so that she wouldn’t bring home any germs from the skating rink.  That’s all we need around the holidays is to have someone get sick.   I bet any money she doesn’t give it back to me.  That’s okay, I’ll just get myself some more.   You really can’t go wrong with any of Bath& Body’s products, and if I’m not mistaken, I think they were one of the first to introduce a no-soap cleanser that wasn’t so clinical smelling and feeling.  They took it one more step by adding good for your skin ingredients.  What we get out of that is a great protector for our hands that won’t dry them out.  Well done, B&B.

gdeeb says………….pocket sized anti-bacterial hand gel is great! Who doesn’t love something that they can fit in their purse? I certainly do. This hand gel is not like any others. When you put it on your hands it does not feel drying or overpowering. I have the Sea Island Cotton scent and it smells great every time. I normally do not like anti-bacterial soap because the smell is not very pleasing, but that is not true with the B&B PocketBac. I am around 2 small children all the time, and with the flu going around I try to wash my hands before I see them. Depending on the situation, this is sometimes hard, and the pocket sized gel makes it much easier. It is very conveniently sitting in my purse all the time, not taking up a lot of room. I definitely need to get some more of these to leave in my car!! Lastly, and very importantly for me, is that it dries quickly! I normally am impatient when it comes to things like that, but have found that this dries before I even have the chance to think about it.


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