Streekers ~ At Home Temporary Hair Color

Streekers $10.95 at Ulta

Streekers Wild Weekend is bright temporary hair color with a difference. It’s instant, it’s liquid, and can be brushed without flaking off. The lighter the hair – the hotter the color. Colors are most vibrant on blonde and blonde highlights. Streekers Wild Weekend is hot colors for cool hair. Streekers is temporary hair color with a difference. Instant. Liquid. Washes out when you want it out. Not a gel, not a paint, not a mascara. A cool new hair color that uses innovative patented technology. Now, every Monday doesn’t have to be blue — how ’bout pink, ultra violet, red, green, orange, yellow, purple … or blue. The lighter the hair – the hotter the color. Colors are most vibrant on blonde and blonde highlights. Streekers is easy to apply with a sleek, soft-tip applicator that ensures perfect coverage and control. Streekers can be used over mousse, gel, or wax and followed by hair spray. Best of all, you can brush your hair after Streekers dries, and it won’t flake off. Your hair will be soft and the color will remain vibrant. Go Wild! Change your color, change your look, change your mind, and do it again. A dazzling range of 8 colorageous, style-popping shades give you lots of options with no commitment. Use it like cosmetics for instant impact. Streekers is the only temporary hair color that can be brushed after application without flaking off, so your hair is soft and manageable, not hard and spikey. Streekers is liquid — not a gel or a mascara.

cakedoo1 says… I have these in an array of colors. My hair is dark brown with some red foils,. So having said that these colors show up in my hair but they aren’t as bright and potent looking as these are in the bottle. These are super easy to apply to the hair also. The lighter your hair the more impact you will see. The applicator is like a lip gloss sponge. I just drag the applicator through my hair and poof the color is there, it takes only moments to dry and you can comb through or do whatever. The best part is that is washes out as easily as it applies. These colors rinse out in the shower and don’t stain the tub, the colors are vibrant so no additional clean up for me.. These are so much fun and they allow me to play with my hair and not commit to a color.. The streekers also are very affordable so it’s fun to experience and try new colors! Fun, Fun, Fun I am all ready for Halloween this year..



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