Kaeline ~ Argarome Soir Fermete (Night Firming Serum)

This anti-age firming serum will delight your senses by its smoothness. Formulated with a high level of argan oil and a perfect combination of
3 restructurizing and anti-inflammatory essential oils, Argarôme Soir Fermeté reduces expression lines and wrinkles.  $38 at Beauty Cafe

This has become such a favorite night time treat if only because of what I’m seeing in the morning!  Clear, smooth skin that looks plumper and hydrated and less lines to taunt me!   Honestly, there are times when I wake up and just before getting in the shower get a glimpse of myself in the mirror…Most mornings, it ain’t a pretty sight!    Since using Kaeline’s Night Firmiing Serum, my face is a little easier on the eyes.  It just looks like it used to before the 40’s kicked in with a vengeance.   My skin looks more rested, is very soft and hydrated, has better color, and my chin area looks firmer.    Trust me, I am not complaining.  It take two little pea size drops to do my whole face….I massage it in after I’ve applied other topicals like Tretinoin for example, and wait a bit before heading to bed.   The scent is very natural – almost eucalyptus-like, but with a hint of lavender I think.  You don’t get a whiff of anything chemically or “fake”.  I have been reading about the benefits of Argan Oil for quite some time and skincare products featuring it were always on my “bucket list” of skincare “Gotta Gets”.  How great to have such a high concentration of this oil in the Night Firming Serum and at a very reasonable price.  I’ve seen other products with Argan Oil in them that are twice the cost.  Argatherapie indeed!  Highly recommend.


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