Relax & Wax ~ Get the Bump Outta Here!

Relax & Wax ~ Get The Bump Outta Here! 4 oz. $19.50  Available @ Relax & Wax

Get the Bump Outta Here is a treatment for ingrown hairs, and it helps with the bumps as well. Formulated for sensitive skin, it is highly effective, yet gentle on the skin. Does not burn or irritate. Provides soothing and cooling relief. Helps prevent ingrown hair, wax, and razor rash, skin irritation, and bumping associated with hair removal (i.e., waxing, tweezing, shaving, sugaring, and electrolysis).

Makeup Addict used Get the Bump Outta Here! as directed.  It is a very handy roll-on which makes it easy to apply and get on to the exact area(s) you want it on.  It does have a fragrance, which is NOT unpleasant, but does dissipate quickly.  They suggest using it a couple of times daily before you do your hair removal and I used it for maybe 3 days to be safe.  Then you apply once a day to keep the skin from getting irritated or ingrown hairs or those nasty bumps.  Well, shock of shocks – this works amazingly well!!   I started to use it with doubts in my mind.  However, now I am a believer. Get the Bump Outta Here! does exactly what it says it will do and does it well!  I have always had irritated skin after hair removal and then  occasionally the ingrown hair and those darn bumps.  I have been using Get the Bump Outta Here! through several hair removals at this point and my skin has never felt better after hair removal.  Actually, I think my skin feels better during the removal – perhaps it is because I am more relaxed.  You do not need much of Get the Bump Outta Here! to get the job done – so you wil not need  to purchase more until sometime in  the distant future.  You really need to try this and you will be as addicted to it as I am.  I am for any product that can prevent discomfort in any way and Get the Bump Outta Here! is definitely one of them!!!  Thanks a lot , Relax and Wax!!!!!

cakedoo1 says..  I love Relax & Waxes “No Scream Cream” so I knew the quality & dependability was going to be present with their “Get the Bump out of Here”. Of course I am not disappointed at all! It’s a great product and works on all areas of the body. I have been dabbing on my brow area lip & chin then I roll over my entire leg and underarms areas too. I have been using a couple of weeks. It’s very easy to apply whether rolling on, no drips and a light thin layer comes out or dabbing on. I will roll on my legs then come back and just rub in so I know it’s absorbed so I can get dressed, it’s a quick extra step and is proving to show results already. It’s got a light menthol scent that is nice. The results that I have been noticing are less re bumps and smoother skin. Now I am not having the painful experience after shaving, my skin is less sensitive and irritated. It you get red bumps that are bothersome then this is easy inexpensive answer, it also really addressed the ingrown hairs too, I have less than usual. I love the results and will continue to use. I am going to pass onto my hubbie to see if he can get some relief from his razor burn.. I can’t wait for my vacation now, my skin will be in better shape to show off the skin!

METSV says:   Not sure what more I can add to what the ladies are saying above so I’ll just join in the raves here.  I have got to stop being such a skeptic about these types of products – although maybe that’s a good thing – because once I saw how well Get the Bump Outta Here worked,  I was thrilled.  I ALWAYS get bumps – irritating little suckers that they are, but worse than that, I suffer from keratosis pilaris (KP)on my upper legs, (front AND back, lucky me) sounds gross I know but what it is is these teeny tiny red bumps that are basically ingrown hair follicles, or something like that….whatever, it’s so frustrating.   I truly don’t think I’m imagining this when I say that since embarking on GTBOH, they are less noticeable – especially on the backs of my legs.  I am so thrilled about that.  There is no burning, stinging, or irritation – it’s actually cooling and soothing in my experience.   I am hoping that these results will continue – and if they do,  this will have been the only product to have helped the KP.    Like Cakedoo says above, I’m looking forward to taking this on vacay with me b/c my skin will look so much better for it.    I’ve had such a positive experience using this and have already recommended it to friends and family.  Great stuff from Relax & Wax.


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