Nicole Paxson ~ Lotis Concealer with SPF 30 UVA/UVB

A great concealer is as hard to find as the endangered blue-winged Lotis butterfly itself. Lotis concealer stick with SPF 30 UVA/UVB covers all of your skin’s uneven discolorations and keeps you looking younger and fresher from start to finish. From blemishes to dark circles, the lightweight and easy-to-use stick goes on smooth and silky, never dull.  You can be confident that you are showing the world exactly what you want and concealing what you don’t. Perfectly equipped with go-anywhere packaging it also has a quick-peak mirror, for anytime application. Flawless skin is hard to find, it’s nice to finally have something you can always depend on.

$23 avail @ Nicole Paxson

cakedoo1 says.. Can you say light, with amazing coverage?  Not always–when it comes to concealer. You can say cakey, heavy and never blends in to match your skin tone.  Nicole Paxson must have spent a long time developing her Lotis Concealer.  It goes on light and quickly blends into my skin without leaving me looking like I have raccoon eyes.  I have it in light and when I first applied it looked too dark but upon tapping into my skin it really disappeared and left my under eye area looking perfect  My eye were brighter and my look was polished and finished!  I also am very happy to report that this formula isn’t drying.  My eye area is plump and hydrated.  I really think this concealer helps to lock in my skincare rather than steal all the moisture out of it.  I have been wearing this  for a about 3 weeks now.  I even use as a lip primer too.  You know what the trend is this season, dark rich colors.   Well, they need help staying on and this is a perfect product to help get longevity out of a dark color.  I have used not only under my eye but in the creases on the sides of my nose.  It really helps to perk up my look and give me the most flawless look I can achieve. Great product, long term wear and also doesn’t sweat off on those hot days (sometimes concealer feels like it’s melting off on me).  I will be keeping this handy always!


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