Nicole Paxson ~ Tropic Queen Bronzer (with SPF 15)

Nothing says exotic like the Tropic Queen. Tropic Queen Bronzer is our version of the perfect blendable highlighting powder. Comprised of a unique intermingling of four complimentary colors for all levels of highlights and all skin tones, it also blocks harmful UV-rays with added SPF for all day coverage plus a perfectly sun kissed look. Apply directly to the face’s highest peaks and be adorned with a summer glow, all year long. Find your inner and outer tropical queen.   $30.50 at Nicole Paxson (Sponge not included)

This may be my favorite product from Nicole Paxson’s line…just an all-around great bronzer with no glitter, sparkle, or orangy color.  This is about as close as you’re gonna get to a natural looking sun-kissed glow.    With 4 colors in the pallette the possibilities are endless – you can concentrate your brush (or sponge – not included with the compact) on certain colors and have a different glow on for every day in the week!    Brush this across your nose, cheeks, forehead, chest and instantly see a bronzed, naturally tanned looking you!   I actually wore this on my legs.  They are so end-of-summer white that I was afraid I’d stop traffic, so not having time to self tan, I just applied a light layer of a spray-on product for legs (supposed to make them look flawless) then I took a big fluffy brush and started putting the bronzer on my legs – they had just the right amount of color to them once I was done!  My legs held up pretty good too!  I didn’t even notice if any of the color had worn off.  With the added bonus of an SPF of 15, you can’t go wrong with Tropic Queen Bronzer.  Again, just another truly terrific product from the lovely Nicole Paxson.


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