Nicole Paxson ~ Mimosa Liquid Foundation (with SPF 30)

Like a butterfly who’s found a home in the sweet Mimosa tree, Mimosa Liquid Foundation will end your search for naturally luminescent skin. Nicole’s favorite formula is a blend of luxurious semi-matte liquid and gentle coverage that gives you a refined, smooth finish with all day SPF protection. For a seamless-airbrushed look, use it as your one stop to a even complexion. Best of all with just the right amount of exposure and no irritation, MIMOSA liquid foundation has got you covered!   $40.50 at NicolePaxson

I love everything behind this line – from its origins and why Nicole started it, to the actual products themselves, Nicole Paxson cosmetics address skin issues we would rather the world not see by creating a simply beautiful line of foundations, bronzers, and concealers.   Not familiar with the line?  Just Google her name and see the wide array of celebrities who have jumped on the Nicole Paxson bandwagon – and you know how finicky they are, so you have to know that the line is THAT good!     The Mimosa Foundation rides between a matte and semi matte – which these days is fine by me as there are times during the day that I suddenly get a “little warmer” and I certainly don’t need a foundation that will make me look like an oil slick. That was the first test and Mimosa passed with flying colors.  The second test was wearability – it stays on all day but never cakes up or gets dry or chalky looking –   I just continue to have a smooth, nearly flawless (and my skin is nowhere NEAR flawless) face.   Finally, the SPF 30 factor –  I love this b/c it saves me an extra step in the a.m.  No added spf on top of my moisturizer needed!  I can attest to its performance there as I spent the day in the sun watching a soccer game and though my arms got a sunburn, my face did not – not even a red nose or cheeks!  Mimosa foundation covers flaws – from breakouts to rosacea to hyperpigmentation – without making you look like your face is screaming “I have makeup on!!!!”    No, the only thing you’ll have is a smooth, even toned, face that hides that bad and showcases the good.   For someone as young as Nicole is, she certainly knew what women were looking for – do not hesitate to give this line a try.


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