Coola Suncare ~ Liplux

Coola Liplux $12.00 by Coola at Skin Store

This all-in-one lip treatment is highly concentrated with the finest food grade certified organic and active ingredients. This lip protectant hydrates and nourishes while the broad spectrum UV protection works year round for soft, healthy and happy lips.


cakedoo1 says.. This is amazing. . . It’s so light and different.  It is  nothing like a chapstick, heavy, waxy and drying.  It feels weightless on my lips.  The vanilla peppermint scent is light and not overpowering.  My test is if it stands up to a work out.  My lips get the most dry at the gym so I need to slather on a balm.  I put this on before I go into the gym.  The cardio is the killer for me– it’s when I am huffing & puffing that my lips start to feel super dry.  Since wearing the Liplux my lips are comfortable, moisturized and plump.  I never have to worry about dry lips again and the fact that it has an spf 15 is just a big plus.  I feel like my lips have had a dramatic change in appearance, no peeling or puckered dry lips anymore!  This balm is worth double what Coola is asking.. It’s that good.!!!  I will use until the tube is completely GONE!


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